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  1. WTF.. I dont know whats is going on.. another Shiny Spearow today. Phase 5 3rd Shiny Spearow (Hunting Shiny Charmander&Magmar)7 OT748 EncountersTeam: ORPE
  2. Just after found Shiny Rapidash yesterday another Shiny Spearow came out XD Phase 4 2nd Shiny Spearow (Hunting Shiny Charmander&Magmar)6 OT1,344k EncountersTeam: ORPE
  3. Phase 3 Shiny Rapidash (Hunting Shiny Charmander&Magmar)5 OT26,385k EncountersTeam: ORPE
  4. Phase 2 Shiny Spearow (Hunting Shiny Charmander&Magmar)4 OT17,078k EncountersTeam: ORPE also a Shiny Shuppet found today by my friend @sengozan =)
  5. Phase 1 Shiny Ponyta (Hunting Shiny Charmander&Magmar)My 3rd OT21,558k EncountersTeam: ORPE happy new year everyone :D
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