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  1. 我玩游戏比较懒惰 所以直接想买号一步到位 买了个自己冲了3500块钱 被封了。 现在我要建号好好玩啦。 就怕,GM感觉我有前科,把我正常游戏的号给封了,昨天刚冲了1000。
  2. Before I was blocked account, because I violated the rules of the game, account transactions. In the future, I will abide by the rules of the game, play the game correctly, donate and recharge RP. My current account synwzl . Please don't seal it by mistake. Thank you. I'll have a good time. toe the mark. I am deeply sorry for my previous behavior. Wish the game better and better.
  3. 我购买过2次账号,都被封了。 我再自己注册一个账号,遵守游戏规则来,会被封吗。设备和ID都还是以前的。会不会当成有前科,哪怕好好玩,也给封号啊。
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