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  1. This looks amazing, great work! If you need any help, let me know where to start.
  2. Great work. On mobile they don't look that great. Can you fix this? They need to be outlined or something.
  3. I didn't notice any missing pokemon in the previous version, were there lots of pokemon missing?
  4. I understand you can use Taunt but that would work on only one pokemon right? So the other pokemon can use Perish Song to faint the entire horde in 3 turns? (I'm shiny hunting in lost cave at night and worried if the shiny is a Misdreavus then I'll be trolled)
  5. Do you literally run around and keep running away from every encounter until you find a shiny? Spamming hordes with sweet scent and leppa berries can already get very tiresome I can't imagine trying to find a shiny from a single encounter. I give you all the hats for your patience and dedication sir.
  6. Here is further proof it's a follower mod that is doing this. (I'm not trying to say this mod is bad, just trying to bring this to everyones attention so it gets fixed)
  7. Probably it's better for the economy this way since this game is an MMO. You need to keep spending the in game money to breed, vs keeping both parents and the baby.
  8. I tested this, I see crazy swarms with the mod on. When I disable the mod it fixes the swarms. Do you use any other follower mods? Edit: I've attached a picture below with the mod on and off. I should have moved more right so you see the further swarm to the right.
  9. Any idea about fixing this mod giving a visual glitch for when the new swarms appear? (instead of seeing the 3 pokemon walking around in the overworld, you see maybe 10 of them because it duplicates all of the pokemon from the swarm)
  10. If I buy two 30 day Donator Status, can I use both to have 60 days active? Or do I need to wait for one to expire before I can use the other?
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