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  1. I have 99 Very bitter & Very sweet seeds. LF plain versions, willing to trade 1 Very for 2 plain. My IGN: dracoslyr
  2. There's lots of pokemon that only show up in a specific part of a location, But the pokedex only lists the general location the pokemon is in, Not the floor or room it's actually in, Which is misleading. Example: larvesta can only be encountered in one room inside of relic castle, And in the pokedex it's wild location data is just "Relic castle". It would help new players immensly and it's a small QoL improvment.
  3. The guy who gives the exp.share in icirrus city in unova also gave me a cleanse tag when i showed him a pokemon that gained 64 levels. Edit: Nevermind, I just read the reply. Thanks for the awesome guide by the way.
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