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  1. Thanks for the welcome, Omanyte c:
  2. Oh my God, people, I am laughing so hard. Okay, hi to all of you that said hi, and thanks to all of you that welcomed me. I'm not going to take off my age because I feel like it doesn't matter. Age never hurt anyone. (Except people that died of old age) That was a wonderful post in huge letters, made me laugh, and good for you that you have a penis. I do not wee wee. I do not lift. I do not gift. But I do Twin Towers. Raichufan, I do play Minecraft, but I use my older brother's account :P I will not have sex with you, and here are uguu: [Link] Honestly, you guys are almost as bad as /b/. Edit: Ash never aged because he saw Ho-Oh in the first episode and seeing Ho-Oh is said to grant eternal happiness or something along those lines.
  3. Thanks, Ollietwist c: Hi, Raichufan! :P
  4. I can't even Triforce .3.

  5. I'm a forum newbie :3

  6. Hai c: I'm new to the PokeMMO forums. I've been playing the game (PokeMMO) since October and been a fan of Pokemon since I was little, around 5 years old I'd say. I am a 15-year old girl from the USA c: I play a variety of games, including Pokemon, Elder Scrolls, Diablo series (though I need a new graphics card to play D3), Minecraft, and a few others. I have a PS3, but not yet a PSN account. Both of my brothers have one, but I never got around to asking my dad for one. He has a password on the PS3 for stuff like that :I When I get a PSN account, I'll let you all know. My first ever Pokemon game was FireRed. My friend from school gave me his copy for free and I instantly fell in love. I was in fifth grade when I got it, so I was 9 when I played it for the first time. FR is my all time favorite. I have to play Pokemon games on emulators now because my little brother STEPPED ON THE SCREEN of my SP (I'd had it since I was five, he broke it when I was twelve. I cried) and my dad doesn't approve of Pokemon, so I don't have any games for my DSi XL. I'm hoping to get White 2 or Platinum for Christmas. I dislike HG/SS and D/P, but I love Platinum. A bunch of my school friends have W/B or W2/B2, and they both look pretty cool. So yeah, scatterbrained info. I play PokeMMO just trying to completely fill my Pokedex (always been my dream to fill a Pokedex.) If anyone could trade me something I don't have in my Dex, that'd be great! I'd return it, of course. How would I feel if someone took one of my Pokemon from me, is what I go by when trading. It's rude to scam people like that :T I'd love to have a shiny someday, but I don't really care about stats or anything because I rarely fight other real trainers. My favorite Pokemon is probably Dragonair, but I also love Tauros, Charizard, Nidorina, and Dragonite. Dragonair is so beautiful, elegant, and graceful c: Tauros just appeals to me, idk why. Charizard is always my starter (Charmander, rather) because I love dragons c: Nidorina is super cuuuuute, I love her so much. Dragonite is just overall pretty powerful and again, a dragon. (More scatterbrained stuff, woo~) I love fantasy and fantasy-themed stuff. One of my biggest pet peeves regarding myth and fantasy and stuff is when people mix up wyverns and dragons. Wyverns are bipeds, they have two hind legs and two wings with hands/paws/whatever on them. Dragons are quadrupeds, they have four legs and two wings. An example of people mixing this up can be seen in Skyrim. The so called 'dragons' are really wyverns :T /stuff nobody cares about /dat teen 'tude So, anyway, that's just a bit about me. Feel free to ask if I'm on any other sites, and if you want to know more about me, PM me! c:
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