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  1. I have an Ice Beam-Psychic-Surf-Rapid Spin Starmie right now. Would it be a good idea to replace Rapid Spin with Psyshock for the special walls, particularly Chansey/Blissey? Is the Psychic-Psyshock set a good idea?
  2. Thank you. I did report it but as of right now it doesn't seem like it's been approved.
  3. Sometimes the move reminders teach the wrong moves for me. Recently, I wanted to teach Fire Punch to a Dragonite, went through the process, but when I checked, the reminder actually taught Thunder Punch instead of Fire Punch. Also happened three times in a row when trying to teach Bullet Punch to a Scizor via muve reminder, it ended up teaching it Focus Energy, Metal Claw and another move I can't remember, instead of Bullet Punch. Another time, I tried to remind Rapid Spin to a Donphan and got Growl instead. Has this happened to you?
  4. You can't just create Pokémon with some sort of editing tool? You legit just go out and catch them/breed them?
  5. I'm making my first team and mostly staying close to Smogon's standard sets. I was going for the Agility set with Agility, Tri Attack, Dark Pulse and Hidden Power Fighting. But mine has a different type. Which attack should I use instead?
  6. First of all, thank you for working hard on this project. The problem is: when I log out (I hit "Logout", not "Exit") it very often keeps me logged in for several minutes before disconnecting. I think it's been happening more this month than before, but I can't tell exactly. This drains Amulet Coin which can be very, very frustrating, coming back after a short interruption to realize you have 9 minutes less than you should. Sometimes it's light, like 1 minute or less, which I think is not a big deal, but sometimes it drains a lot of time, enough to partially screw your grinding route. I think it happens more when servers have slower traffic. During the early Sinnoh days it didn't happen much but it's happened several times before and after. I don't know how viable it would be to implement this, but it'd be appreciated.
  7. You are creating experience, but you are paying a very high price for it, which I personally agree with. I can't think of how nerfing the Daycare balances anything. It just helps burn through the hassle of training a Pokémon to level 100.
  8. I don't think I can think of a reason why they had to nerf the Daycare from 60% experience gain to 20%. I'm trying to raise a Torkoal to level 100 for gym my farming team and he's so slow that farming EXP. from trainers means you'll always get hit first which makes the whole thing much more time consuming than it already is. Why was the Daycare nerf necessary? What can users exploit too easily by having the 60% experience gain implemented? I'm pleased with the Sinnoh expansion but this seems unnecessary and a little infuriating.
  9. Which confuses me (I'm not OP, but I had also noticed). Like, what's the deal with using several Pokémon to farm or just letting you consume only 1 PP each time? It makes EV training mind-numbingly boring even with hordes.
  10. I do it to farm gyms myself, not to sell them, because, yes, running around for 40 minutes hunting for Amulet Coins only to sell them is very inefficient.
  11. In Kindle Road, you can use Sweet Scent to summon hordes of Ponyta/Rapidash or Meowth/Persian. Meowths have a (small) chance to hold Amulet coins so farming hordes seemed like the best way to go. Because Meowth has very low defenses and these Meowths are between levels 24 and 26, you have to be careful to not make them faint when using Thief, and you also need a Pokémon with the Frisk ability to immediately inform you at the start of the battle whether one of the Meowths has an item with them, so you can stay or flee. I quickly realized that having a single Pokémon face the horde is impractical and can make it difficult, because it has to be weak enough to not OHKO the Meowths, which means that it'll be weak enough to be KO'd by 5 straight attacks. So I decided to use a high level Stantler with Frisk and also a rotation of 3 Golbats that know Thief. So I enter the battle with Stantler. If it's a Rapidash horde, I flee (you have to outspeed them to flee, I believe, so invest EVs in Speed). If it's a Meowth/Persian horde, pay attention to whether or not it identifies an item within the horde. If it doesn't, flee. I you weren't paying attention and don't know if they do or don't have items, you can check the battle messages on the "Battle" tab in the chat. If only Persian has the item, flee, as Persian can only carry Quick Claw. If the horde does have a Meowth with an item, stay and 1) KO the Persians first with Stantler, if there are any. 2) Switch the Golbats in and use Thief on every remaining Meowth, one turn at a time. This can take up to 5 turns depending on how many are there, and you'll need a Pokémon with good Speed, decent Defense and low Attack, that's why I use Golbats of the Bold nature (+Def, - Atk). EV train them in Speed and Defense. The threshold to not KO these Meowths seems to be an Attack stat of below 60, which means that, depending on the Golbats' Atk IV, you can train them to about level 35 or so, at which point they'll be faster than Meowths, have a decent Def to take 2 or 3 turns of hits, and have an Atk low enough that they wont KO them, barring critical hits. The hold rate for Meowths holding Amulet Coins appears to be below 5%, but I haven't actually crunched any numbers. The most common item is Quick Claw (pay attention to whether or not a Meowth activates their Quick Claw to attack first, that way you won't waste time going one by one only to find a Quick Claw), followed by Nuggets, and then Amulet Coins. You can't know which Meowth has the item and you don't know which item it is that they have (which I think was changed from the original games to make you grind? Or was it always like this?). You can use the nearby thermal waters to recover, and remember to always immediately take the item off the Pokémon after the battle, because you can't steal items if you already are holding an item. Summarizing: Get a high level Stantler with Frisk and a Silk Scarf for higher Speed (Shuppet and Banette can also have Frisk, but Stantler is faster and tougher). Get 3 Bold natured Golbats and train them as high as you can while keeping their Attack below 60, preferably, or you risk them being too strong and KO the weak Meowths. Bring a Pokémon with Sweet Scent, go to Kindle Road, enter the battle with Stantler, flee if you get: a Ponyta/Rapidash horde, a full Persian horde (rare), a Persian/Meowth horde with no items detected, or a Persian/Meowth horde with items detected on the Persians only. If you detect an item on a Meowth, KO the Persians if there are any and switch into the Golbats. Try Thief until you find the Meowth with the item. Make sure the Golbats have no items before the battle, or they'll be unable to steal the items. I have gotten 2 Amulet Coins in two different tries of about 40 minutes each. It can be a drag but if you want Amulet Coins and don't want to buy them, this is pretty much the best way I can think of. I don't know if several Pokémon from a single horde can carry items at the same time.
  12. I just rematched the Kanto Elite Four (in their 80s) and consumed a high amount of healing items. I haven't made the balance but the total cost probably rises to 20k or a bit more. The payout was 54k, so going through the hassle of battling the E4 for a net gain of about 34k seems very impractical. Even when having a full level 100 party, I don't think you can really go through the E4 one shotting everything like in the original games, particularly because you can't switch in between fainted foes, which combined with the fact that you have annoyances like Gary's Focus Sash-wearing Alakazam, and the fact that you can't determine which first Pokémon they are going to come out with, there are a lot of variables that you can't be ready for every time. As far as I am aware, now the Pokémon will rise to level 100 and the battles will be 2 vs 2 like in gym rematches, and every member has like 10 possible parties, so the variables increase even more and you have to create a 6 Pokémon team that can cover like, 80 different Pokémon and several weather conditions? Seems unrealistic and I'm not really motivated to try. All in all, the E4 seems like an impractical way to farm for resources, at least the way I'm understanding it. Am I misinterpreting something, or is it better to concentrate on gym rematches over the E4 for money and EXP? As a challenge it is very interesting but as a way to farm, seems terrible to me.
  13. I have a main account and created this new one yesterday, but I can't access the client because it says the password doesn't match the username. A quick summary of happened: Created account and had it confirmed via email. Failed to access the client even though I had already entered the forum with the same password, and still can. Changed the forum password, thinking it would change the client password. Nothing. Went here: www.Pokemmo.eu/account_forgot_password/. The confirmation email never arrived. Tried it again. Nothing. Created 3 new accounts and never even received the activation email to confirm the accounts for any of them. So, I have this account that I can access the forums with, but can't actually play with. What now? Who do I talk to? What do I do?
  14. In which region are you playing? Do you have varied Pokémon of different types and different-typed attacks? In general, four Pokémon with varied and preferably thought-out-in-advance movesets that are at least on the same level as E4 members shouldn't have too much problem.
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