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  1. i played cr 2 years ago, simple i remember the pvp team system
  2. Team funtion in game is so useless literally do a team is only have [Hello] in your name and color blue and is that we need functions, tournaments, wars "officials" in game Clash Royale or even Summoner wars in Mobile Games have good ideas to do a vs System with teams. Solution: Reworks system to make "one thing more to do" in the game (You can chat in discord blahblahblah ... we are talking in game)
  3. Hermoso Trabajo, Gran Diseñador y gran persona ll Beautiful Work, Great Designer and great person.
  4. i Think only works in my pokes(? u need to play vs me and Focus blast have 100% acc
  5. i dont see how this is counter "Tyranitar"
  6. This Pokemmon is so Unfair need nerfs
  7. Maybe i Confused Friend ball with Luxary ball but i dunno why ... now i need 2 stacks of Friend balls(?
  8. ahh Yes?... i dunno why i remember that ball Different... thxu for Reply
  9. If u Catch a Pokemon with Luxury Ball happiness is the same as if you catch it with another type of pokeball it's a big bug, it really is very annoying for me right now that I needed to use it. I was about to buy 2 luxury balls stacks, thankfully I didn't. []
  10. 31/31/31/31/31/31 not is a perfect pokemon in all cases 31/0/31/31/31/31 is Perfect to Special Atackers (because foul play exist so is dumb make 31 in atack only to have a disvantage against foul play Ferrothorn witg Gyroball need 0 in speed Trick rooms need 0 in speed etc
  11. I put you in context, imagine that you are going to look for a ranked game for the first time and the typical "vs Trainer" music of your respective region plays ... Nothing bad Now, you are the same coach 5 months later with 670 points almost reaching supremacy and you listen to ... the same old music over and over again. Imagine Unova: Now Imagine a Simple Change... You are Fighting vs No 26 PokeMMO OU and this song sounds: The simple drum give more importance to the battle, it feels less monotonous, despite being exactly the same composition, it gives it a fresh air. Now imagine that you can simply choose ANY SONG FROM ANY ROM TO FIGHT. -ELITE FOUR -CHAMPION -BATTLE FRONTIER Even a more ambitious suggestion would be to load the Assets of Pokemon Black2 and White2 just for the songs and themes of battles that you have in the championship tournament. EVEN MORE AMBITIOUS, it would be to choose your battle theme for the opposing player to listen to, giving you one more signature to customize your avatar. Imagine that you can simply select the theme of Cynthia being No. 23 in NU for an example and this theme plays when everyone Fight against you: Simplify Epic.
  12. Currently BUGS i Found: -Confirm Trades -Stadistics in pvp (so much visual bugs in pvp windows)
  13. I want to give eggs to my friends as a gift u know
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