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  1. i played cr 2 years ago, simple i remember the pvp team system
  2. Team funtion in game is so useless literally do a team is only have [Hello] in your name and color blue and is that we need functions, tournaments, wars "officials" in game Clash Royale or even Summoner wars in Mobile Games have good ideas to do a vs System with teams. Solution: Reworks system to make "one thing more to do" in the game (You can chat in discord blahblahblah ... we are talking in game)
  3. Hermoso Trabajo, Gran Diseñador y gran persona ll Beautiful Work, Great Designer and great person.
  4. i Think only works in my pokes(? u need to play vs me and Focus blast have 100% acc
  5. i dont see how this is counter "Tyranitar"
  6. This Pokemmon is so Unfair need nerfs
  7. Maybe i Confused Friend ball with Luxary ball but i dunno why ... now i need 2 stacks of Friend balls(?
  8. ahh Yes?... i dunno why i remember that ball Different... thxu for Reply
  9. If u Catch a Pokemon with Luxury Ball happiness is the same as if you catch it with another type of pokeball it's a big bug, it really is very annoying for me right now that I needed to use it. I was about to buy 2 luxury balls stacks, thankfully I didn't. []
  10. 31/31/31/31/31/31 not is a perfect pokemon in all cases 31/0/31/31/31/31 is Perfect to Special Atackers (because foul play exist so is dumb make 31 in atack only to have a disvantage against foul play Ferrothorn witg Gyroball need 0 in speed Trick rooms need 0 in speed etc
  11. I put you in context, imagine that you are going to look for a ranked game for the first time and the typical "vs Trainer" music of your respective region plays ... Nothing bad Now, you are the same coach 5 months later with 670 points almost reaching supremacy and you listen to ... the same old music over and over again. Imagine Unova: Now Imagine a Simple Change... You are Fighting vs No 26 PokeMMO OU and this song sounds: The simple drum give more importance to the battle, it feels less monotonous, despite being exactly the same composition, it gi
  12. Currently BUGS i Found: -Confirm Trades -Stadistics in pvp (so much visual bugs in pvp windows)
  13. I want to give eggs to my friends as a gift u know
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