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  1. Wonderlust


    can close
  2. wow thanks a lot this really helped
  3. Hi guys I'm trying to breed Ferrothorn and I was wondering if it was possible to give a pokemon different egg moves from different pokemon, I like to cover all my bases so I can change moves whenever I want to, so for this I'd like Ferro to have Spikes and Stealth Rock, is it possible? and If it is how do I do it? Which other Egg moves should Ferro also have? I'll be giving him leech seed too but that goes with Spikes, anything else? Thanks a lot!
  4. Does Feebas location change in this? And if it does how often? Is there a best way to farm Feebas?
  5. Thanks for the feedback :D so you think my 6th should be more focused on offense? Or is Mienshao enough?
  6. Hi guys I'm trying to build my first team and I'm not really sure what a team needs etc. I've put together basically ones I kinda like and would like some feedback on maybe moves they should have or what the team is missing, so far I've only picked 5 so I need help on the 6th pick, and just want to know if the team makes sense or if I need to replace something for something more useful. Milotic (i dont really want to not run it) Gliscor Mienshao Ferrothorn Togekiss (willing to replace) I dont really wanna replace any of the top 4 but if it really doesnt make sense I'd be willing to. I've not made any of these yet so I just want to know if there are any egg moves etc I shouldn't miss with these guys? and please reccomend some changes or what role my team is missing, Thanks for all your help :D
  7. I was just wondering if anyone knew if there were plans to bring Chimchar into PokeMMO?
  8. Hi guys, I came back after a few years of not playing and in that time I lost access to my email account when I moved countries (i made the email when i was very young and forgot all the things that could recover my account and microsoft locked it..). I wanted to start playing again but since I'm accessing my account from a new device I need to confirm it VIA my locked account. I've made purchases on the account, it's been inactive for a while and I know more or less which pokemon it has (At least the ones I've IV and EV trained). So the account is definitely mine. Is there anything I can do about this? The in game report recommended I come here for help, Any help will be appreciated :) Thanks
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