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  1. No problem <3 thank's for the quick response :)
  2. i'm looking for a Timid Gastly (for LC) with 5x31 (no physical atk) with: Destiny bond/ Shadow ball/ sludge bomb/ hidden power fighting 900k - 1kk it's good for you?
  3. omg, wrong place to post :| sorry
  4. Hi all guys, I'm here because I can't in any way complete the two Hoenn Ribbons, in the description of the bows it tells me that I must have won the challenges at lv 50 and free in the tower fight, but despite having done all of them (also the one in link with a friend) the ribbon do not unlock, I also tried all the other fight towers in the area, but nothing, what should I do?
  5. of course! I was almost going crazu after it, thank you very much
  6. why sometimes during breeding I can't change my child's gender?
  7. Wow, i did not know that i will be become the capture trainer also buying the fossil in the GTL, thank you so much for the advice <3
  8. Sorry for the necro posting, but i must find Plume Fossil (Archen) for the pokedex and i don't know where i can find him, anyone can help me?
  9. Hello guys, i'm Serfagorn from italy (in game LuckyChloe) and i've been playing this game for 630 hours (more or less) before introduce myself into this forum. I love this game, the end game is not perfect and i don't understand why there isn't a "concede" button in pvp matches, but overall pokemmo is a stable game with infinite longevity, so I have very little to complain about. Sorry for my terrible english and see you in game <3
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