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  1. Good evening, I tried a search on the forum but unfortunately I can't find any topic that talks about this. What are the current Little cup rules for the pokemmo tournament system? Which pokemon are banned? And what moves? Can I find a section of the forum that talks about it? Thanks for your attention
  2. No problem <3 thank's for the quick response :)
  3. i'm looking for a Timid Gastly (for LC) with 5x31 (no physical atk) with: Destiny bond/ Shadow ball/ sludge bomb/ hidden power fighting 900k - 1kk it's good for you?
  4. omg, wrong place to post :| sorry
  5. Hi all guys, I'm here because I can't in any way complete the two Hoenn Ribbons, in the description of the bows it tells me that I must have won the challenges at lv 50 and free in the tower fight, but despite having done all of them (also the one in link with a friend) the ribbon do not unlock, I also tried all the other fight towers in the area, but nothing, what should I do?
  6. of course! I was almost going crazu after it, thank you very much
  7. why sometimes during breeding I can't change my child's gender?
  8. Wow, i did not know that i will be become the capture trainer also buying the fossil in the GTL, thank you so much for the advice <3
  9. Sorry for the necro posting, but i must find Plume Fossil (Archen) for the pokedex and i don't know where i can find him, anyone can help me?
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