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  1. very good service fast and good prices :) ty mate
  2. IGN: ZzZerra Preferred Tiers : NU LC Reason: cuz am so very noob Discord Contact: Zerra#2279
  3. this soo good but with the new update it doesnt show stats in the matchmaking leaderboards and doesnt show names in spectate other wise its good af :D
  4. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Team Members: Spxter, OxOReFaked, TohnR, NinjaBlender, ItsGray, WayneV, ZzZerra, BartekDolar, NickRains, DeGarzo, IsabelaNeko, SimpsBgone, Gbush, Donute, Aikoss, Gitargy Team captain: ZzZerra
  5. Woah op breeder owowowoowowow
  6. Robertho is at again owo makin cool guide\o/ no I shiny hunt caterpie
  7. turkey - peru b ZzZerra vs @hernjet Sunday 11 am EDT Lc match
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