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  1. 多觀戰幾場找個喜歡的就行啦
  2. 竟然還弄了英文版出來,辛苦了!
  3. 快玩滿兩年了,希望mmo活動可以越做越好! ID:LiperLin
  4. OMG...Thanks for reminding me for the mistake! I don't know why I can make such a mistake... I have replaced the wrong picture with the correct ones. Thanks again~
  5. Thanks for your suggestion! I'll find time to finish it.
  6. Hi ! Do you want to get 5x31 pokemon with the correct nature and breed it by yourself? I'll show you the method simply here. Let's go! Before we start, there is something you need to know about pokemon. 1.Egg Groups Under normal circumstances, two pokemon can be bred as long as they are in the same egg group. The offspring would be the same as the female one. Though most pokemon follows the rules above, there still some exceptions. ●Genderless: Genderless pokemon can only be bred with the same variety or Ditto. ●Ditto: Ditto can be bred with all pokemon except for itself and the Undiscovered. ●Undiscovered: Undiscovered pokemon cannot be bred with anyone, but some of them would change their egg group after the evolution. 2.Individual values(IVs) & Nature Nature:The nature generates randomly. IVs:The value of the IVs of the offspring would between its parents' IVs, just like the picture below. Though the nature and IVs are generate randomly under normal circumstances, there are some items that can help you to control them. ●Power item(Weight, Bracer, Belt, Lens, Band, Anklet): Each power item can be used to control the specific category of IVs. ●Everstone: The nature of the offspring will be the same as the parent who brings an everstone. 3.Egg moves There are some moves that pokemon may learn from breeding. Example:Xatu can learn Quick Attack from breeding. By the way, Particle Effect can also be inherited to the offspring from its parents. 4.Breeding Now, let's start breeding! Simply speaking... 1x31+1x31->2x31 2x31+2x31->3x31 3x31+3x31->4x31 4x31+4x31->5x31 Take the picture below for example, you will get a 2x31 pokemon. ●Gender choosing Watch out! Remember to choose the gender correctly, or the offspring might have a gender that you don't want! Since choosing gender only cost a little, don't ignore it ~ price: Male:Female -> choosing male:choosing female 1:1 -> 5000:5000 1:3 -> 9000:5000 1:7 -> 21000:5000 3:1 -> 21000:9000 7:1 -> 5000:21000 What about 3x31 pokemon? Since we can only control 2 category of IVs, we can control others like this. ※The parents' IVs of sp.atk are 31, so the IV of sp.atk of the offspring will be absolutely 31. With the method above, we can also get 4x31 pokemon, and then a 5x31 pokemon. But what about the nature? Sadly, we can't control the nature while breeding for a 5x31 pokemon. If the 5x31 pokemon's nature is correct, you are so lucky! But if not, we need to breed for a 4x31 pokemon with correct nature. Just like this: Let the pokemon with correct nature take an everstone and continue breeding. After you got a 4x31 pokemon with correct nature, let it be bred with the 5x31 pokemon, and you'll got a 5x31 pokemon with correct nature. The complete mind map is here. 5x31 pokemon + 4x31 pokemon with correct nature -> 5x31 pokemon with correct nature Here it is now~ Others for breeding: OT&OT*: The egg is OT only if the parent that's same species as the egg is OT, otherwise egg is OT*. Price: Price for a 5x31 pokemon with correct nature (suppose gender choosing cost $5000): Power item x55 + pokeball x30 + gender choosing x19 + the cost for pokemon X =550000+6000+95000+X =651000+X This is the end of this guide. Since English is not my mother tongue, please remind me if there is anything wrong. Thanks for visiting.
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