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  1. While the above may be true, I'd love to see Johto again. Gen 2 was my favorite.
  2. Split your post up into sections. Problem 1, why it annoys you. How to fix it. Problem 2: etc. As it is, that block of text is more like a stream of though. Disentangle it for us.
  3. Heh, I went to Hoenn, oh well, is there a reason to do Unova first?
  4. I guess I'm back, for a while anyway. Joined in 2012, wayyyyyy before any of these fancy new systems got added. Currently in Kanto with little idea of what to do next, all badges, e4 beaten, sevii islands cleared (as far as i know). How do I go to the other regions? Anyone have a open team to chat with, perhaps a discord?
  5. Desu, the ender of threads.

  6. M I A - Real Life and Pokemon X

  7. If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon, do not be ashamed, for you have aspired to greatness.... And the moon had it coming.

  8.   I think I suggested this very thing awhile ago... As it currently is, it's still luck based. Did you have free time on X day and Y time to sign up? Did you hit F5 at the right time and paste your post in fast enough?   A longer sign up period and assigning Tournament slots via RNG is much more fair than the whims of internet speeds and work/life scheduling.
  9. ... hahaha, don't try to scam the GMs... hahahahaha
  10. Yar you missed his name in replies... some people have much more patience than I do, I don't even turn global on half the time anymore.
  11. Sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep... what day is it again?

  12. Those last few.... omg.... This thread has earned this picture now.  
  13. Hmm, Trick is nice in that it doesn't do damage, but Covet will allow easy held item farming. In that it does damage and steals at the same time, whereas Trick swaps items and you might not want that.
  14. [quote name='Volpi' timestamp='1367971765' post='325098'] Like I want to have global open while telling people to go catch moltres [/quote] The secret to catching him is sneaking up and pressing H, right?!
  15. [quote name='Demando' timestamp='1367883774' post='323593'] [spoiler][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJxvmtCwAZY[/media][/spoiler] [/quote] Shell Bell is OP!
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