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  1. Toira is bae <3

  2. Idk...does anyone know Dutch BESIDS Twofist? I need a human translator.

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    2. Toira


      Lmao I thought maybe he might know. But it was just those two titles because it's the title of a book WITHIN my writing.

    3. TheRealPhatiman


      please go zehk,i know afrikaans same thing:P

    4. Toira
  3. when I started in 2012, my goal was to catch a staryu with great stats and 31 attack and speed. i fished for roughly the first few months of playing, and came close, but never got one. (it took me forever to finish the storyline because of this) then, my goal was to become officer and get to know my team better as Bong was always awesome and active and i'd been around long enough. i got addicted, and stopped playing for quite a while. my goal at most points was to win a tourney, but tourneys made me nervous as hell and my debut and i think only official tournament at prom with Amanu as my part
  4. revived my brother's laptop :3 now i can have better quality videos yayyy

  5. More Heroes of The Storm: https://youtu.be/tbPvW-h6lsw

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    2. Toira


      LOL...you don't even know what you're missing out on man. gingys be the best

    3. TheRealPhatiman


      I'v heard the rumours:P on a srs note doe I miss you my ginga,hope all is well and fabulous in life<3

    4. Toira


      i miss you too homeslice <3

  6. New video is up; please like and sub!

  7. just leave me so desperately lonely. x

  8. just leave me so desperately lonely. x

  9. i miss dat babe sialia ;_;

    1. TheGloriousWalrus


      rip toira sialass otp

  10. Veela > every single other vocalist in EDM

    1. Raptori


      :O So true

    2. JellowHIHI


      hi toira do u remember me :C

    3. Toira


      yes Jellow :)

  11. tbh the only reason this isn't the worst week of my life is i'm not a teenager anymore >_> so hormones can't make it any worse

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    2. ItzJ0sh8


      Dont worry il make sure I make it for the next stream :3! Btw I havent seen you in like forever toi >~<

    3. ShunGTX


      e_e Didnt knew you had a Twitch accout, lol.

    4. Toira


      whoa hey J0sh! I miss you guuuuuyssss. yeah i've been holding off on the twitch to make youtubes stuffsssss cause my PC can't really handle streaming that well unless older games.

  12. Fuck Everything.

    1. TheGloriousWalrus


      well if you insist

    2. FlareBlitzz


      where do we meet then

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