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  1. Yeah, as a fellow Samsung/Android user, I can attest to those issues. The typing interface for Android seemed very frustrating, to the point that I absolutely despised the mobile version of MMO. Even though a bluetooth keyboard is really helpful, some annoying issues remain like the delay between showing keys pressed and a slight bug where I would press the shift key but sometimes, depending on the order of releasing the keys, the capitalization of the letter wouldn't be registered. Also, I would like to mention that even though most of the controls can be done on Android similarly with the PC with the use of a bluetooth keyboard, there's no way to assign a key or use the enter key (which is the default for PC) to toggle the chat.
  2. Hello everyone! Unfortunately due to an unforeseen predicament, this event will be postponed until further notice. Sorry to those who were excited, but hopefully this event would be scheduled for later date :)
  3. Yeah, It is a shame that there is no exact timer in the game... I wish that the trainer card showed minutes too, not just hours... Well, that would be a great feature that I would reaaally want, and wouldn't be too hard to implement... I hope...
  4. I heard from an SGM that in the Giratina boss battle "you can't take away more than 25% of their HP with a single move."
  5. Ayyy a new member! Welcome to the team! (sorry for the late response ^^; was doing an exam earlier and didn't see this) We have a little team survey as well here: https://bit.ly/optic-form
  6. Imagine if someone encounters a shiny :o
  7. HaseKirie’s 1000th Hour Tournament: The Invincible Solid Core! Date Saturday, May 9th Start Time 9AM EDT | 1PM UTC | 3PM (10th) CES | 11PM (10th) AEST | (Timezone Converter) Location Hoenn, Channel 4 Start - Trainer Hill Tourney - HaseKirie’s Secret Base This event will start with a racing contest, starting from Trainer Hill, Channel 4. The first one to get to HaseKirie’s secret base and successfully send him the 1st trade request will win 200k! The tournament section of the event will be held in the secret base. Format OU Single 3v3’s (Single battles with teams of three pokémon) Single Elimination Tournament Mode Special Clauses Team Lock: This tournament is team locked, meaning their team of three pokémon will remain the same throughout the tournament. However, their movesets, EV's, Natures, Held Items, and Abilities can be changed each round. (Basically pokémon of the same species may be switched.) Team Check: Prior to the tournament, every participant will submit their team through this form or link their team of 3 Pokemon to the host (via whisper), who will check to see if you have only the 3 specified pokémon with you. Participating Staff: Robbinho Prizes: 1st Prize: 500 RP 2nd Prize: 200 RP + Magikarp 4x31 Breeder (♂) 3rd and 4th Prize: 100K The first place winner will get the chance to battle HaseKirie in a special match! If they win, their reward will be doubled to 1000 RP, but if they lose, they only receive 300 RP instead of 500RP. However, 500 RP will still be yours if you choose to walk away. ;) Friendly Reminder: This is a team event, in which only team members of OPTIC can participate. Let's try not to be mean to each other, and have a fun time! Hope to see everyone there!
  8. Dang, Kupo took my special number. I'll buy #14, 16, 18, 23, 26 (5 tickets) ^^
  9. Wow, that's a killer prize pool! I will have to wake up at 8AM, but this sounds amazing.
  10. Title: Nurse Joy giving her all during the COVID-19 pandemic IGN: TheBirdLord
  11. How to get (and understand) Phenos from Chinese Players Before we start, you should know what's a phenomenon, and what's so great about them: Phenomena (phenos for short) are rare encounters only in the Unova region, which are indicated by strange phenomena in the environment (ie bubbles in the water, shaking leaves, a shadow or dust cloud in a cave, falling feathers on a bridge). You know you are close when you hear sound effects for the pheno too. To start the encounter, you must step on the same tile that the pheno is on. Once you catch the encounter from the pheno, you will get either a Mysterious Gem, Plume Fossil, or a Cover Fossil. Also, the encounters keep in mind that the pokemon you get from phenos are rare and sometimes exclusive to pheno encounters (ie Emolga, Audino, and Alomomola) Alright, now that you know what they are, let's get started! To get messages from chinese players, you need to go to Settings > Languages and then select [CN] to see messages from Chinese players. The Chinese players usually mention phenos in the channel chat, so enable the channel chat in Chat Tab Settings (the gear next to the flag icon), and then click 'Update Tab'. I recommend switching channels to Channel 5 as that is where I see the most active pheno hunts. Next, click the sound icon next to the gear and then enable 'Highlight Sound' and paste "奇遇" into box below. "奇遇" is what they call phenos, so by putting it in notifications, you can tell whenever someone mentions it. (However, keep in mind that there are people who ask where the phenos are in Chinese too :P For example, "有奇遇吗" and "有无奇遇明雷"is asking where the pheno is.) The next step is the more tedious part: You need to translate it. What you should do is right-click the message mentioning "奇遇" and click copy. (Ctrl/Cmd + C doesn't seem to work) If you see numbers, then most likely it is the route number. To make things a bit quicker, I recommend to bookmark Google Translate and as shown below, press 'Tab' and then paste the message there. It is handy to use Google Translate to get an idea where the pheno is. You may get where the location is, but if it isn't clear, use Ctrl+F in a Chinese wiki with locations: https://wiki.52poke.com/wiki/合众地区#.E6.AD.B7.E5.8F.B2 (bookmark it!) If you see "马场" it is route 12, and if "牙牙洞" or Translate says cavities it's Mistralton/Axew Cave. If Translate says Iwaya, it is Challenger's Cave A trick for searching locations in the Chinese wiki is to splice the message when translating to help find the Chinese names for locations. To splice it correctly you must know that each character is a "syllable", and even if you don't know where a word starts or ends, Google does! Here's an example: Now you know everything there is to finding phenos in the Chinese chat! However, keep in mind that the chat flies by, so you need to be able to identify 奇遇 quickly in the messages! Have fun!
  12. Congrats to FighterChamp and EeveeIsGreat for winning first and last place! (FighterChamp with 148 total IV's and EeveeIsGreat with 34 total IV's) Congratulations, and thank you everyone for participating!
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