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  1. I can vouch for this guy, he helped level up my E4 rematching mons, and did a good job :)
  2. Mxdhin's Beldum Raffle! The raffle prize is a 5x31 Adamant Beldum (No EVs) In order to participate, you must be part of the team. There are 100 tickets available, each costing 14k pokéyen For the first 24 hours of the raffle, players can only buy up to 5 tickets total (70k). You will be assigned random numbers. After the 24 hours is over, the ticket limit will be removed and you can buy as many tickets as you want (that are available). Please mail the money and amount of tickets you are buying to TheBirdLord. The winner will be announced on our team discord server and also in this thread. Sidenote: I won't be making it public who bought how many tickets though, since it could discourage other members from participating :P However, if you want to confirm how many tickets you bought so far, feel free to whisper me in game or DM me in discord. Number of tickets available: zero tickets left - tickets will be drawn shortly!
  3. Catching Contest Date: Wednesday August 19th Time: 5 PM UTC Location: Slateport City, Ch 3 Duration: 1 hour for catching and 10min to submit entry Pokemon accepted: Wailmer Nature Bonus: Jolly +5 Adamant +3 All Scores are judged highest to lowest. To win this event you need to submit an entry that has the highest to win, or lowest for the last place prize. You may only submit 1 entry All Pokemon must have been caught within the event time. You will have one hour to catch your entry. Pokemon must be the player's OT. You must link your entry to a participating staff member via whisper to submit your entry. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined through the earliest catch time. Must be part of the team to participate 1st Place Prize 5x31 Natured Starmie  2nd Place Prize Surf Ocarina Last Place Prize 2x99 Leppa Berries Hosts Shankii HALOTT
  4. Like @ZaCCCCCC says you can click on a player's name in chat to start whispering to them, or you can right click the player's character then click the whisper option. You can also whisper a player by typing the command "/ws playername" (replace the playername with their actual name ofc)
  5. So my question/suggestion is about this method of messaging people on forums: The suggestion/problem that I wanted to address is that there's no way to send people images unless we upload it to something like gyazo for a shareable URL. It would be great if there was a way to upload files directly just like when starting a regular topic in the forum:
  6. I needed this. All of my life lead up to this moment.
  7. Just... why? Why is this still a thing? I don't get why we can't use both untradeable and tradeable items together for move tutors... BTW I knew this was a thing for quite a while, but this is bothering me right now because BrightPowders are too expensive on GTL rn.
  8. Maybe, when MMO releases gen 9 movesets, where Ninjask might hopefully get Fly in the original game :3 Basically, the movesets of pokémon from the actual pokémon games would be preserved in most cases, except for when the move would make the pokémon meta-breaking. As far as I know, the only instance of PokéMMO deviating from a pokémon's original movepool is Hydreigon not being able to learn Draco Meteor, and that's for obvious reasons (and who knows, they might consider adding it back). Compared to this, don't you think ninjask getting special access to Fly is a bit... insignificant?
  9. I like this idea - It adds onto the multiplayer/community aspect of the game :) Edit: But there would need to be more specifics on the types of achievements one can get, what rewards for what action, and where to see all this. Player profiles are already semi-existent here in the forums, so if one could have greater control over their profile page to pin certain pages or add a tab would be helpful.
  10. As a fellow shiny hunter, I really like the idea of a warning :) In order to be able to do other things but still know when you encounter a shiny, here are somethings you can do: Go to Settings -> Sound -> Uncheck the option to mute music when on another tab, and lower the "Battle SFX Panning" to 0% so you can hear the shiny animation sound from both earpieces: (remember to save!) The shiny animation is only a sound effect, so you can lower the Music Volume and System Effects Volume to 0% if you don't want to hear the background music (or do this next suggestion) If you don't want to hear the cries of pokémon or battle/background music, you can make your own "music mod", essentially replacing the music or cries with audio files with no music. To tell what background music is playing, you can type the command "/bgm" in chat and it will tell you what music it is playing. However, music mods can't replace all the sounds played by the client, such as bumping into walls, the sound when walking through grass, or the ball being thrown and releasing a pokémon. (which i wish we can change) These will essentially help you isolate the shiny animation sound, but you still have to hear it. If you really want to make the shiny noticeable, you can make a custom sprite mod that will make all the shinies very eye-catching: *FYI this is just a demonstration - I haven't make anything like this, but it is plausible. And it is effective from a practical standpoint. These are basically some more things you can go out of the way to help noticing shinies, and as much as I would love your suggestion to be a feature, this guy put it real nice and simple: So I guess you can do some extreme things like I mentioned, but you already have a lot to work with. And seriously, that feature would make botting way easier - it would actually be helping the bots by keeping them from running from a shiny, and that static display/window would be much easier to detect than an animation/gif, or the text "Shiny" on a large region of the screen before running, basically making the time it takes to process each encounter/horde much easier + quicker.
  11. Ohh, so that's what it does? Thank you!
  12. As some may know, in the original pokémon games (at least in Pokémon Platinum), there is a settings option for toggling Mono (a single audio channel) and Stereo (two audio channels) for sound settings. It would be great if there was an added setting here in PokéMMO that allows people to toggle between Mono and Stereo audio settings as well, because some sound effects, mainly the shiny encounter effect, is basically only audible through one audio channel (It is very faint on the other audio channel, at around the same volume as the opposing pokémon's cries), so if someone was to use just one earpiece, they would very likely miss the shiny encounter unless they are actively looking at the encounter screen the whole time they are shiny hunting. (Sorry for this selfish request/suggestion, and thank you for your time ^^; )
  13. ^^; isn't it too small of a suggestion to actually make a change? idk if it is worth making a suggestion on that thread :/
  14. I have this question: For the instance info tab, there's a large empty space that's almost half the tab. Although this is nitpicky, does it really need to be that big? Sure there can be extra room for future regions, but that would... probably take a while. The reason why I'm asking is because I recently got into e4 rematches, and i would like to keep the tab up, however, it's just too big to stay somewhere on screen ^^;
  15. Torchic being excited about his final evolution - Don't tell him ^^; (also, tbh I want the 2nd prize more than 1st xD )
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