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  1. IGN: Akaru Kokuyo Preferred Tiers: Showdown LC -> Doubles LC -> Fuck the rest but I can play if necessary. Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked): Si Discord contact: Akaru#7777 Fluff: I hate LC Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: RDL -> Cali -> Gasai -> Mendeez
  2. IGN: Tu papá el cuyo (Akaru Kokuyo) Tier: Dubs -> NU -> OU -> Any as long as team is provided (Except LC. Fuck LC) Time Zone (UTC format): UTC -6 Fluff: Top 44 Islas Tikitaka Dobles (Población: 45). Hard Randbats grinder (Top as well). Won a 4-person Facebook Tournament. I guess going positive on all PSL editions I've played counts as well. Evidence about being hard grinder:
  3. Creo que nunca terminé el apartado de Sinnoh haha, lo siento, me pondré a terminar la guía ya en estos días! Muchas gracias! Me alegra que te haya sido útil! WIP significa Work In Progress, Trabajo en Progreso, ya que a pesar de haber grabado los videos no los había subido jajaja. En estos días estaré actualizando todo! Una gran disculpa por la demora de año y pico, lo que pasa es que al encontrar métodos más eficientes de conseguir dinero le di poca importancia a esta guía, pero la verdad es que está muy bien para recién empezar a amasar dinero!
  4. Yeah uhhh maybe if you buff Defog to like erase your account with Fly Gem it makes sense >:c
  5. IGN: AkaruKokuyo Preferred Tiers: Dubs > UU > Gen 8 LC > OU Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked): Haven't played a single game of LC. Fuck LC. Discord contact: Akaru#5742 Fluff: Si Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: RDL preferred, fuck MendeeZ
  6. Dugtrio has base 80 here, not 100. Just quickpointing it.
  7. In-Game Name: AkaruKokuyo Country: México Preferred Tiers: Doubles -> NU -> OU (Order of preference) Personal Note: BibaMejicoKabrones Discord Tag: Akaru#5742
  8. Hey! I'm glad this thread was actually a thing! I hope that more and more people see this thread and get encouraged to participate on it! Even if you guys are relatively new to the tier, or old veterans, threads like this always allow everyone to see the different type of creativity that exists within the players in the tier, and who knows? maybe you discover your new favorite Pokémon set on it! And since we're already here, I might as well drop the first idea I got in my mind hehe. https://pokepast.es/f35baed0a1235e13 As the name says, It's really just a standard HO haha. Drop Pokémon, win or lose in 4-5 turns hehe. I'm SHIT at using HO and even more at building it, so I don't think the team has tournament-level, but yeah, we trying haha. Teambuilding Process (I'll elaborate more on sets later) Since we're using Mamoswine, we want to 100% run at least 2 ground immunities, so I decided I wanted to run Crobat - Rotom-W. I've seen so many HO teams running Crobat - Mienshao "core", so I also decided to drop Mienshao into the mix, giving a fast Fake Out user, and also packing a punch while being immune to Intimidate. I then added Tyranitar because it is probably one of the best in the tier (they ranked it S for a reason, though Togekiss is still the king hehe) and it provides me with weather control (vs rain-sun), and solid mon overall. Last but not least, we've got Chandelure! I honestly wanted to dump a steel type mon because gluing a steel type is generally what you want to do when closing a team, but yknow since this is Hyper Offense I just wanted more power, more damage and more immune to Fake Out, and I know Chandelure can give me all of that while helping me with threats that already existed with the previous team. The Sets Mamoswine: Standard glass cannon. Dual Stab + Prio (stab) and protect. Nothing to elaborate on, really. I decided to go Adamant instead of Jolly just because I'm running a Sash, and I can sacrifice not outspeeding certain Pokemon if it means hitting harder. Also I'll usually try to set up tailwind on turn 1-2, so in an ideal situation I'm still faster than everything hehe. Crobat: Standard Crobat I guess? Acrobatics as the heavy-damage STAB (Flying Gem boosts the move using 110 BP, so it REALLY hurts the first time it acros), Tailwind because it's one of the best moves in Doubles, Taunt because we hate supports/setup mons/trick room stuff. Last move is honestly a personal liking. Super Fang can immediately wear down fat pokemon like Togekiss, Tyranitar, Metagross etc etc, and if they're not carrying a Sitrus Berry they're most likely going to get KO'ed by your other Pokémon. You can run U-Turn for moméntum, you can run Roost if you hate life, or you can just not use a 4th move at all and you will not even notice lmao. I guess you can also run Quick Guard. Rotom-W: Second Ground Immune for Mamos to spam EQ. Dual Stab in Tbolt and Hydro Pump, Protect because it's the best move in the game, and the last move, Discharge, was only to be a pain in the ass heheh. I could very well run Nasty Plot, but since I don't have a redirector as Togekiss or Blastoise, I'm going to have a hard time clicking it without my opponent punishing me hard. Discharge since it's a spread move, and has an amazing 30% chance of paralyzing your enemy. You can very well win a game the very momment you click this move once and get a double para, since your opponent will say "fuck you Discharge user" and probably will start throwing harder or straight DQ. Other options I can find are Electro-Web as a secondary semi speed control, Hidden Power Ice for Dragons, Hidden Power Fire if you really hate Scizor-Ferrothorn (and you also KO Abomasnow, could be cool to run actually), Dark Pulse as an emergency TR check on flinching, and maybe even status moves such as WoW and Twave, but since we're more an offensive Rotom I don't think status moves are the way to go. EV's are max speed because turbo Rotom > All, 164 SpA KO'es 252 HP Chandelure (164 SpA Rotom-Wash Hydro Pump vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Chandelure: 168-198 (100.5 - 118.5%) -- guaranteed OHKO), and dump in HP. Mienshao: I honestly don't like this Pokémon if it's not sashed, but no one can deny how hard this MF hits with LO. You usually kill something turn 1 or 2, and then proceed to die, but that alone can be gamechanging since you might KO an important Pokémon. CC is a base 120 move with stab, if you don't ressist it you're going to lose at least 75% of your life. Stone Edge because it can KO Mence and almost KO some Togekiss, plus you also get to kill Crobat if yours manages to win the tie turn 1. I honestly have barely used Mienshao so as last moves I just decided to go Fake Out (Fake Out + Life Orb = kill yourself pls) and Taunt because I don't plan on running Quick Guard / WIde Guard, though honestly those could very well be there. I'm just not really experiencied with Mienshao so I don't know heh. Tyranitar: The second best Pokémon in the tier. It does so much stuff while only being one pokemon. Weather control, Psychic-mons check, can prevent TR with Taunt, has both single and multi target moves, has aninsane bulk, has a very good atk stat, it's just amazing. The only drawback to it and probably a VERY important one is the x4 to Fighting type. Man, this tier has so many FIghting type viable Pokémon that it's sad, but oh well, it still does the rest of the job amazingly. Also taunt is there because I really hate TR stuff, you can use coverage like Fire Punch, Superpower or Stone Edge for single-target rock stab (since you actually KO stuff with it if you ever land one) Chandelure: Now my bae Chandelure here. I really love this Pokémon in Dubs man, has an insane base SpAtk, so of course its Dual Stabs hit like a truck. Now, we carrin a cheesy Rotom-W bait to help Mamoswine! I mean it's no surprise to run Energy Ball Chandelure, but usually Rotom always lives since a lot of Chandelures are used with Timid nature instead of Modest. Now, with GRASS GEM though, it's another thing! I think SpDef Rotoms are actually a thing, but like if you face that u say "bg bad matchup" and win the mental battle. You SHOULD run 60 Spe on Modest Chandelure to be able to outspeed 4 Spe Rotom, but since I'm a lazy guy and posting this from mobile I won't change that in Pokepast hehehe. Max spa to maximize damage and dump HP just because. Full speed - spatk version is also viable and probably better on HO, but I enjoy eating 1-2 moves and still be around for a couple more turns haha. Gets rid of steel type mons as well that Mamoswine might not really like because they're either bulky as shit and won't die to its EQ or have prio like Bullet Punch. If you made it this far, damn man, you should really just steal the team and call it a post! But thanks anyway! Again, I hope this dynamic grows for the good and manages to lure more people into playing Doubles so we can all laugh and hate this ass tier!
  9. Let's take a moment to appreciate the extra effort Mkns put to bring us all the possible outcomes for all teams (Might not be college-level math or whatever but honestly like 2 people only would go through the small work of doing it). It's quite amazing how literally everyone can still qualify even if this is the last regular week (Though technically it's only the 4th week, but still, no 0-3-0!). Good luck everyone!
  10. Imabetheverybest vs AkaruKokuyo at 20:30 gmt -6 (4:37 hours from right now) Note: Might stretch the time a bit, but somewhere around that time. If anything I'll post
  11. My bad my bad, I'll re-write my post: Only like 2 VIABLE Pokemon can handle most sets of Typhlosion. And even then Mixed Typhlo (which should be the best now that I think more about it) can deal with pretty much any check that it might have, have fun desciphering what moves it has and what it doesn't meanwhile it kills your entire team. It really can do nothing vs Duggy though, so at least that's really good. Unless scarf but like come one what is that trash item?
  12. I would've plead for quickban Typhlosion if Gigalith hadn't dropped as well. Instead, I'd lean more for a suspect. Honestly I think the only Typh switch could be Gigalith and thats freaking it. Not even Mantine or Clef switch into that if it's LO Mixed/Specs. Base 100 Speed is freaking insane for NU, outspeeding "fast" things like Rotom, Houndoom, Drapion, etc. Yes, it gets trapped by Dugtrio, but you have to grow a big goddamn pair of eggs to hard switch Duggy into Typh and not sacking 1-2 Pokémon in the meanwhile. This can overcentralize the meta a bit, I'd recommend keeping an eye on it. Azumarill at least drops with Slowbro and has enough checks here in NU anyway, such as Baklava stated above; Bulky Venu is a common thing, and we have a plethora of physical walls that'd love to eat any move Azumarill can present or just straight revenge kill it. I'm fine with it in the meanwhile unless some weird chinese set starts to get 80% winrate. Gigalith is meh. At least checks Typhlosion. Slowbro good to have u back bro <3
  13. OLT VI Runner up LLL vs Best 2020 SPL Record & Champion Gondraa, why do we have a finals match immediately in Round 1 LOL? GL To all teams!
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