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  1. As if it wasn't obvious this would happen only reading the Changelog lmao. And mine isn't even high, we dropped cuz people had to sleep.
  2. Agree with the Dugtrio quick ban. Offers too much with little to no drawback, not healthy at all. Machamp might be also suspect material but If Gligar drops with him I'm not very sure anymore. It'll at least be centralizing kind of like Conkeldurr in OU (which isn't really healthy lol). I can't think of many switch ins besides Spiritomb? (Fuck that mon but if Machamp does come back then it'd be a good mon again I guess). Electrode is the least dangerous but at the same time still quite toxic in NU. I mean we have a screener already in Serperior, but main difference is Electrode has Expl
  3. It's actually worth farming now lol. Thanks for the upgrade! It will indeed affect quite hard to the market but come on It was really ass before lol. 2 hours of grinding for this score daamn. I got almost 2 million selling presents right now so worth lol but I'm guessing prize will drastically drop even more by tomorrow.
  4. Another update on the rewards: I just got to the 4th wave with a friend of mine (The wave that spawns after beating the Boss) and when we died we only got 5 Presents each, not a single Big Piece nor anything. I don't know if it's a bug or we were just unlucky as fuck but it doesn't seem to be guaranteed. (we were only 2. Maybe that makes it different?) Also the first time I reached the boss I was in a party of 4, we didn't beat the boss but one of us DID get a Big Piece. I don't get how the event works XD
  5. Sure! I'm not sure if this is the best way of doing it, but I've been pretty much going with a couple of combos that seem to be quite good. I first reached the boss spamming Offensive Fighting + Defensive Grass, and was able to reach the boss a couple of more times with Offensive Grass + Defensive Fire and Offensive Ghost + Defensive Fighting. Some friends said they've been succesful with Offensive Flying + Defensive Dark, but I haven't tried it yet. The only time I managed to beat the Munch Boss was with Offensive Psychic + Defensive Fighting (Ghost died so we replaced it with Psychic th
  6. Update on Muncher: He's a Dark/Fight Mon. Tried to Extrasensory and said it was immune. Steadfast as ability. I went with Fake Out and procced it. Crunch Rock Slide Flamethrower so far, hasn't revealed 4th move, I hope its not broken shit like Recover
  7. Muncher used Flamethrower vs me
  8. Bg hax no vale me has flincheado de Fake Out increible
  9. Playing in 10 mins +- vs badbaar (if he wakes up XD) We've all agreed to have this game as gol gana game, hope is still alive Rotomsss
  10. Congratulations Empoleons! It was a really close set, you all showed you had a great level and got the very deserved championship! I wanna thank all my Rotom teammates for letting me be a part of the team. To my managers RDL and Naga that despite being a couple of xupapijas they trusted me and I'm glad I was able to pull off a decent record for them. SERÁ PA LA PRÓXIMA ROTOMSSSSS Si XD
  12. So do we all agree now that Garchomp is bs and should be like Untiered?
  13. Tag Team: HDLM Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Team Player: RealDevilLegend, Nagahex, AkaroKokuyo, JasonSparrowX, JorgeFirebolt, Killuminatis, InuyashaL, zMago, AurumPegasus, DarkQuiler, xJoseee, Zenenn, Neblinamist, DarkNightzz, wrathend Team Captain: RealDevilLegend
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