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  1. Killua vs me after Zhiko vs Krillin game
  2. Killua vs me tomorrow Sunday 16:00 gmt -5
  4. EYL vs me today 22:00 gmt -5 (in like 7:30 hours)
  5. CritDra still exists? I thought it had gone extinct lol
  6. Santiii vs myself Friday 22:00 GMT -5
  7. Me vs Zigh in 5 hours / 15:00 gmt -5
  8. Just give us more cash or RP or whatever. Poor Gyara will be permaPC'd forever ):
  9. 1) ¿Tengo entendido que el mute funciona también para los chat de grupo? Corrígeme si estoy mal pero según yo cuando le das mute a alguien no lo lees en ningún lado xD. Aunque como medida de sanción para el chat de equipo suena bueno, tipo si alguien está spammeando o haciendo el mongolo como dices. 2) Nahh no creo que sea necesario esto. Perfectamente pueden organizar uno en las zonas tempranas de las regiones si es que no tienen desbloqueadas las otras regiones (En los primeros pueblos) y si ya todos han acabado en algunos lugares recónditos como la mansión embrujada en Sinnoh, o no sé, algún lugar creativo jaja. Incluso puede ser una base secreta, aunque puede llegar a ser un poco pequeño el lugar y no todos tienen Hoenn. 3) ¿Cómo es esto xD? Supongo que no es a lo que te refieres pero pues una vez acabas las ligas, puedes hacer revanchas vs los líderes de gimnasio y de hecho sale bastante rentable farmear dinero de esta manera en las etapas tempranas post-liga. ¿A qué te refieres con el sistema? Revisando más a fondo la primera propuesta creo que me parece bastante útil, estaría cool si la implementan!
  10. I personally use Salamence - Garchomp - Gengar - Starmie - Typhlosion - 6th is usually a Pokémon that I'm leveling up. I easily farm all the gyms with Typhlosion Scarf Eruption + Gengar, though there are some matchups I can't do that. For example vs Rock Gym I go Garchomp - Salamence, vs Water I go Starmie - Gengar/Salamence and vs Fire I also go with Garchomp - Salamence. I only really struggle vs Water Type Gym, specially Misty, because she has a lot of Swift Swimmers that hit hard like Kingdra Ludicolo & Floatzel, so the 6th slot could be something that makes the water matchup better. Other recommendations would be Flygon (Levitate AKA you don't hit yourself with Earthquake, learns Rock Slide - Earthquake), Aerodactyl (same reasons but different typing), and in general Pokémon that can hit hard, specially if they have AoE moves (Heracross - Typhlosion - Combos like Surf + Storm Drain/Dry Skin or Discharge + Ground/Electric immunity ability etc). Dragonite might be a really great addition as well because of it's insane bulk, access to good AoE moves, and having Inner Focus which makes it immune to Intimidate (Trust me, Gym Leaders bring Intimidate Pokémon A LOT). The only "downside" to it it's that he's actually pretty slow so a lot of Pokémon might hit you before you do. Against Elite Four I'm pretty much unexperienced, but I've seen a lot of people bring Swords Dance Shedinja because of the ability. Since NPC's won't switch out even if they can't touch you, you can easily setup and OHKO everything after 3 Swords Dance.
  11. IGN: AkaruKokuyo Reason: To prove everyone my favorite mons like Pikachu can be at top level. Looking to have fun! Preferred tiers: All of them Competitive accolades: I've managed to break the 600s barrier in OU after approx 748 games. Top 50 in dubs ladder as well ig but dubs ladder is ass wtf Discord contact: Akaru#5742
  12. You literally just got the reason why there is no LC matchmaking and still say "and what" lol. Can't really say much. Metronome is probably better than all the tiers on MMO right now and there is no ladder of it. That argument isn't valid
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