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  1. Not the character but the account itself. #Please
  2. Team Name: LåLïgäFílípínâ Team Tag: NöyP Registered Players: QueenDinz, Riruburakku, iZorro, heavenlyhost, RMCEL, rencego, Crocston, BOKSU, CalamityReaper Team Captain: heavenlyhost
  3. DATE Wednesday, 29th July 2020 TIME 22:15(10:15PM PH / GMT+8) LOCATION Safari Zone, Fuschia City, Kanto | Safari Zone, Route 121, Hoenn - Channel 4 DURATION 1 hour for catching | 30mins in Kanto & 30mins in Hoenn | Another 10 minutes for players to submit and martials/hosts to validate the entries. After that, caught pokes will be used for: Automated Tournament | Triple Battle | Team Members | 3v3 | No signup fee | Bracket: will be announced after validation of entries ONLY LC/BABY/PRE-EVOLVED POK
  4. Team Name: LåLïgäFílípínâ Team Tag: [NöyP] Registered Players: QueenDinz, Singhot, Zantur, buangka, LilBlackx, JRandy, Creox, LJake, Nivaria, Beebam, iKreedo, ZleepyLazy Team Captain: iKreedo
  5. Team Name: LåLïgäFílípínâ Team Tag: [NöyP] Registered Players: QueenDinz, Singhot, buangka, LilBlackx, SenpaiShiro, Phenobarbital, Xerophobia, LJake, JustRimuru, Beebam, TheAlmightyKreed, Natnitx, xHermanox, AeonRed Team Captain: TheAlmightyKreed
  6. A T T E N T I O N ! What: Team Event (PVP 3v3 Battle) Tier : Little Cup When: November 17, 2019/Sunday @ 22:00 GMT+8 Where: Hoenn, Mauville Game Corner, Channel 4 Registration Fee: FREE (Registraition until November 17, 2019 @ 21:00 GMT+8) Prize/s: 1st Place: Vullaby 31/31/30/x/31/31 Unnatured 2nd Place: Steel Elfbot Hat & Steel Elfbot Costume 3rd Place: Life Orb Hosted by: @PhilHomies aka QueenDinz
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