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  1. how much do you want to take?(The blue can be taken from 100k to 150k)
  2. IGN:FroakieY Rest of Europe vs China A OU - Bulbasaur VS Mentalsoft @Suneet NU - Sethsen VS MullenYu @Suneet Doubles - Kanzo VS BlackBlak @Suneet *SMOU - Tohnr VS Starmind @Suneet 100K-150K 200K *can be taken at most three players others just can be taken by one player
  3. SMOU - Zeldris VS iaputafans 300k each time can be taken by anyone @MaatthewMLG
  4. Then, does anyone want to take this list lol
  5. As soon as I came back from school today, I saw a lot of new news in the forum. First of all, xiaolinggg has paid for most of his bets that have been responded to. If he does not want to pay for his actions, why did he do so? Second, if the other player responded to your post and asked for your reply and confirmation, and you did not reply, I don’t think this is a successful bet. Third, just like the example given by @LifeStyleNORE, I hope you can remember that in the next game, if the other player asks you to respond to his request, please respond to him or her to express your acceptance xD. I wish you all a happy game next
  6. IGN:Froakie take all If you agree ,please respond to me
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