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  1. 1. how do i find the rats set vanity? 2. what do coins for?
  2. Infernape Staraptor Luxray Garchomp Gengar Floatzel
  3. Congrats dude! I would like to take any of those 2 pokes, i never encounter a shiny before :(
  4. how much do you guys think for Adamant 31atk shiny shinx??
  5. Im sorry if i make this on the wrong forum i just want to ask/report why the shortcut button for my old rod always changing to good rod when i enter PC and i already tried to relog and changing to another shortcut but it's still the same, i also tried to put old rod to all shortcut and suddenly it changed to good rod when i entered PC i already asked staff about this in game but got ignored this problem didnt happen only to me, there's some dude i forgot his name also had the same problem with the shortcut thingy also this button also " / " doesnt work for a specific action like moving to the right i hope this will fixed soon, Thank you. EDIT: you guys can try it yourself with your old rod and see if it changes or not
  6. ikr this healing dialog box in sinnoh and unova is annoying af unlike kanto/hoenn
  7. Wait, we can put exp share on daycare poke and still gives EXP while we're battling npc/hording??
  8. ikr, why would it called Baton Pass if it can't Pass the remaining stats, my e4 pokes are useless now
  9. yeah but still after we logout still have to do the "delete-reinstall the game" process, i hope the staff can fix it later
  10. Thankd and you guys here it's working, but i need to set up my settings all over again i apreciate all the comments, it's amazing how ppl recognize this fast
  11. Hello there, thanks for the info IT is there and i deleted the .exe next process like this?
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