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  1. We will get them with the release of Sinnoh. (4th gen)
  2. Please consult this section regarding bans. 有关禁令,请查阅本节。 https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/
  3. Here’s my trainer card when I was Shroomish.
  4. Around I’d say August of 2013 kek
  5. They can still be limited time just tradable.
  6. There are ones that can agree the ones who don’t have it.
  7. Yeah, all except the Christmas Tree were from Pumpking but also the Christmas Tree was obviously from a Christmas event.
  8. Pumpkin backpack, Scary Hockey Mask, Black Pinstripe Suit and the Christmas Tree.
  9. I don’t think it is fair for most players and I’ve had people asking me they want the items they don’t have and I believe it would help the people who like to collect items.
  10. What do you guys think about PokeMMO’s life expectancy?
  11. TELF come back PLZZZZ I need you and I miss you huehuehue

  12. My brother told me about it on facebook back in 2013.
  13. There should be an option to unsend mail but with a reasonable time limit.
  14. I started in early 2013 but I have a new character now.
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