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  1. "Infernape's Determination!" A little more. -A little more- I kept saying, waiting for my Infernape to get up. We managed to get to that point, the point where I, Playnerx, could become Sinnoh's Champion, where I could show everyone that I had overcome all my fears. Cynthia's Garchomp, still resistant, kept his eyes on Infernape, who was struggling to stand up, waiting to end that fateful combat. "Infernape uses Flare Blitz!" I shouted. But seeing the situation, I seemed to understand that nothing but the silence that filled the room was happening. "Come on, Infernape! Get up!" I continued to shout, while my face began to show signs of perplexity. -We have faced many battles, this will not be the last-, I repeated to myself, bringing to my mind the memory of the first time we met, of his willpower and his stubbornness. . . That was exactly how Chimchar seemed to me that day when, together with my friend Formiichina, we ventured into Eterna Forest. Suddenly, as we went into the woods, we heard a noise coming from the back of a tree, and curiously I tried to get closer. "Don't get too close, you don't even have a pokémon with you!" Formiichina yelled at me. "But you do!" I replied. From the tree, in an instant, a pokémon that looked like a moth, with yellow eyes propped up, and with green wings came out. "Stop!" screamed Formiichina. "It's a dustox!" She concluded. We watched the pokémon go towards us, and in a moment Formiichina freed Piplup on the field, ready for the battle. "Piplup, use Bubble Beam!" Formiichina exclaimed, while watery bubbles came out of Piplup's beak at great speed. Dustox dodged the attack, and began to launch a toxic liquid on Piplup, which a few moments later found himself K.O. "Oh no, Piplup!" Formiichina exclaimed, while Dustox approached me threateningly. As soon as he started to repeat the same move on me, a small shape emerged from the bushes, a Chimchar, I tought, recognizing it from the tuft of fur creating the shape of a flame. But how could it be possible to found there, in Eterna Forest, a Chimchar, if Chimchars used to be nearby Valor Lakefront ?. As I asked myself these questions, Dustox stopped, and as soon as he looked away from me, Chimchar rotated in a whirlwind of fire straight to Dustox, knocking him out. "T-Thanks," I said, seeing a serious and determined look on his part. It was in that moment I realized nothing could stop us. "Infernape! I know you can do it! I've always known!" I yelled, while Garchomp seemed to cheer over the apparent victory. "Let's finish Garchomp! Use Dragon Rush!" said Cynthia. Garchomp wrapped himself in an electric blue light, and prepared to slingshot on my Infernape. "Show me the strength and courage of our first meeting, Infernape!" I shouted puzzled, urging him on. Suddenly, Infernape seemed to get up and release, first quietly and then tangibly, a red fire, which was now taking on the bluish colors, heading furiously towards Garchomp. A moment, just a moment, then there was nothing but the impetus of an explosion that brought me and Cynthia to the ground. I shielded myself from the smoke with my hand, rising impatiently, already convinced that I hoped in vain for my victory. But as soon as the smoke dissolved, I saw him: Infernape, previously aching, was now illuminated by an immense fury, which had put him back on the ground. Garchomp, on the other hand, was completely K.O. No sign, nothing at all for a few seconds except the realization that after so many battles an fights, I had won the war. And all thanks to Infernape.
  2. After this, the pg doesn't move
  3. If you change the CH. in the gym it takes you to the beginning of the room and the punching bags are not moved.
  4. You can climb over the wall in the first gym of the game.
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