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  1. Might you try looking at doubles usage... if thats something staff even track/care about
  2. Well I tried, game is pure casual now. Gg devs. Y’all can close this post if you ever see it
  3. you're gonna run out of content in like 5 mins m8 Bestfriends is the only PokeMMO youtuber4me
  4. What is the point in playing endgame PvP if it isnt providing the best rewards? Every single other MMO rewards players who participate in PvP with the best rewards available. Being a top PvPer always rewards the best PVP gear and the best looking vanity items/mounts. The argument of 4x25 being usable is stupid, because yes its usable but any self respecting PvP player is going to make sure they have the BEST gear/pokemon. It isnt debatable that a person using a team full of 4x25s is at a disadvantage from the off against anyone using a perfect team. I can breed a pokemon better than the prizes given out in less than an hour, and the shinies are predominantly among the most common. When will this change? And if never please provide a good reason why? The rarity/economy argument can hardly be made given how flooded the market is and gift shinies being a thing
  5. Why arent we getting shiny 6x31 prizes yet?
  6. DocPBC vs reliefgouai in 10
  7. dont worry, HA's in 2 decades but definitely buy the new limited edition 1 time vanity now for $15 a pop before it gets replaced by another in 2 weeks #VanityMMO2021
  8. Will the prize be improved as a result of asking players to play an extra round?
  9. Just waiting for a weekend dubs tour with a usable shiny prize
  10. Id reccomend heat wave on hydreigon instead of flamethrower so it has some form of spread dmg. That and whimsi could have something for giga drain unless gastrodons really worry you.
  11. Just to confirm, exactly what Julian said above. This isn’t a gripe with you, just more the overall prize system. :)
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