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  1. Lol what? It’s not shiny and it’s IVs aren’t perfect
  2. 4x25 shinies aren’t usable m8 That aside I support this thread, it’s a well beaten drum that the staff have ignored for years. Hopefully they listen
  3. I’m getting such big prices! I love it 2m. If I’m going down this uguu is coming with me
  4. Oh I’m probably getting banned anyways don’t you worry. And I’d argue I’ve given more for PSL than taken away but that’s a whole other point. You on the other hand have come in guns blazing to ‘spice up’ something that didn’t need it in the first place, it’s a stupid fkin decision and there is a reason why only your boys and JJ are dumping money on this. You’re right we can’t, but this isn’t something that benefits PSL If this competition has been dragged so low we are relying on getting money for unbanning players banned 11 PSLs ago, then maybe something needs to be said for the decision making of past and current hosts. This isn’t hype, this is excluding players, real people from a video game when they’ve already served their time, it’s borderline online bullying. PSL used to be better than this.
  5. Your the host, it is your auction whether you like it or not. I don’t have a stake in this. I haven’t logged in probably at least 3 months, I don’t plan on logging on for PSL either. My opinion on this is minimal, my feedback is only to try and prevent you from ruining probably the last good thing to come out of this game. But your the host so fuck the community opinion right?
  6. The auctioneer never bids on his own auction lul. Horrible reference your bias is showing Kanzo. Some of the bans on here (not necessarily saying mine) were due to a subjective decision by the host at the time. Not all where clear cut and a fair few were actually disagreed on by the majority of the community What you’re saying is you have players like foggi or skump who served bans for things that didn’t necessarily deserve them, only to come back to the game years later and potentially forced to serve them again anyone with a brain can see this is a bad decision, that’s why they aren’t joining in this mindless thread. It’s a good thing none of us here have a brain so we can debate this. Nothing rational or logical here
  7. You won’t know, in 2 weeks I have a new address lul. Good luck finding me 😉
  8. That’s it!!! I’m making an alt and nobody can stop me signing up
  9. Oh trust me this isn’t keeping me from PSL, this dumpster fire of a game is hue If being banned by a previous host (for a BS reason I might add, none of you truly know how it went down) isn’t enough then I hope someone other than you has fun with this. I seriously doubt that is the case tho
  10. Imagine thinking anyone is going to pay to unban anyone on this list lul Your system is stupid AF, besides the fact I’m dead and probably won’t play regardless. Who even thought this was a good idea?
  11. Might you try looking at doubles usage... if thats something staff even track/care about
  12. Well I tried, game is pure casual now. Gg devs. Y’all can close this post if you ever see it
  13. you're gonna run out of content in like 5 mins m8 Bestfriends is the only PokeMMO youtuber4me
  14. What is the point in playing endgame PvP if it isnt providing the best rewards? Every single other MMO rewards players who participate in PvP with the best rewards available. Being a top PvPer always rewards the best PVP gear and the best looking vanity items/mounts. The argument of 4x25 being usable is stupid, because yes its usable but any self respecting PvP player is going to make sure they have the BEST gear/pokemon. It isnt debatable that a person using a team full of 4x25s is at a disadvantage from the off against anyone using a perfect team. I can breed a pokemon better than the prizes given out in less than an hour, and the shinies are predominantly among the most common. When will this change? And if never please provide a good reason why? The rarity/economy argument can hardly be made given how flooded the market is and gift shinies being a thing
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