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  1. Erm no Lets not save them
  2. Just saying, you mentioned the top player in each league moves on to the final... I am 100% guaranteeing certain players will just give up after a few weeks should they have a couple lost games if thats the case. Probably need a way to prevent that
  3. PokeMMO VGC #2

    This and work
  4. Team Tournament April (28th Saturday)

    Schuchty kicked me rip
  5. The monumental failure of clubs

    Im pretty sure im not alone in saying how much of a failure clubs have been, its not user friendly, a hassle to find everything and its really drained the life out of one of the cooler aspects of being in a team... showing off your collective accomplishments. I dont want to be a member of every club to see their stuff, in fact I dont want to even go to that part of the forums period. Im 99% sure most others feel this way too Bring back round table?
  6. psl X donation thread

    I don’t feel like you deserve the power to make those calls anymore
  7. [PSL9] Donation Thread

    Fuck off
  8. Was low key thinking staff had actually made a u-turn on their prize bs with Beldum for a second am not stoke
  9. Can you buff competitive prizes?

    I legit dont see why the best tournaments arent getting the best prizes, Squirtle your answers are a complete cop-out
  10. Can you buff competitive prizes?

    Why not explain why we need to lower our expectations instead?
  11. Can you buff competitive prizes?

    Thanks for making this thread, it’s no wonder the competitive scene has been getting weaker and weaker.. winning is simply not worth the effort when the cash is so low and the prize is unusable
  12. 1: wow OU again and not doubles 2: prizes for a seasonal getting noticeably weaker as time goes on... sad that dnite was a second place prize back in the day 3: Mehhhh
  13. PokeMMO VGC #1

  14. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    I’ve been back since, at 40k encounters and climbing
  15. A Player you will never forget.

    McDonalds for accidentally giving my shiny qwilfish to a noob and breaking down a shiny kabutops for shiny arcanine, 10 lucky eggs and a pile of garbage
  16. [TV] Dragonball

    Well that was a dope final episode, never expected a but I thought the wish was obvious and liked the plot twist that would have been thrown if the wish was . It ended in the perfect way too, now for the long 9 month slumber... might have to rewatch from episode 1 at some point JJ still salty about vegeta finishing 4th on u7
  17. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Mwahahaha welcome to durant club
  18. A RacheLucario Appreciation Thread

    Who appreciation thread?
  19. [TV] Dragonball

  20. [TV] Dragonball

  21. Fortnite

    Im on PS4, we should try getting a squad together
  22. Seasonal Masters Tournament

    IMO tournaments like this need to have an OP shiny prize, otherwise we would never see them. Disappointed the community is settling for vanity items.

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