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  1. Was hyped before last week sure, genuinely thought LYLE was going RIP and to me that was a fair reason to be kicked To get kicked to feed your own ego just so you could get a manager spot... just nah, you know me... ive been here for ingame almost 5 years and ive always called out bullshit and this is some smelly bullshit
  2. nah fam, we not cool
  3. good team until you kicked me better off without u anyways hue
  4. Ari u a babe let it be known every1
  5. Meme with dreams > 5 more PSL's than you
  6. Its ok, JJ is just comedy too talks about wanting to better existing players rather than recruiting new ones to fill holes > kicks everyone and invites zeb I thought people already knew, im a timelord
  7. you aint valued in LYLE Said it, you just there for comedy
  8. pls, u liked the first one then realised I wasnt fucking around and fired back Its ok K9, your salty tears were delicious for a second
  9. but he already knows that, thats just an angry 12 yr old shit talking I actually got you pissed off for a second, Jice is just gnna be like w/e you and 50 other people alrdy said that, be original fam
  10. I unfriended u
  11. JJ I already called it off man, no need to fire shots we all know I won the only doubles battle that mattered between us ;)
  12. Ok lets all calm down now, this was all a lesson in starting shit talking for would be managers @BurntZebra see im being helpful
  13. team jumping < getting kicked from LYLE because you wanted a better chance at PSL manager hue Cant help my team trying to boycott, I told you as per " The manager shall inform the host as to why a match failed to be completed in the event that one fails" I stopped it, but we can blame me hue