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  1. The fuck stole my shitty name?
  2. <3 you an independent woman don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise
  3. Nope, he gettin the throne JJ noob Money on Greyworm being first down
  4. I just want to say it was an absolute pleasure coming back for this, it was the most fun ive had on this game for a very long time. It was the perfect way to remember Roxxass and I think she is looking down with a smile. Well played Sparkie, thank you hosts and may Andrea rip
  5. Gonna be the sickest 3 man bracket ever
  6. It’s ok brother we both get kicked out
  7. If it’s in 2 months maybe not hue. June 8th is a long time away
  8. Lurking hue waiting for some real hype in the game again
  9. When u literally dabbed on half of this list as an OG but don’t even get mentioned. Rip when everyone forgets about u already
  10. Having only found out about this just now, literally while reading this I’m shocked. I didn’t know her too personally but I definitely thought the doubles community was in safe hands between her and a couple of fresh faces. I wish I could log on and battle her now, not only do I owe her a couple defeats, she was always so gracious and generous in winning, always wanted to just have fun and nothing more. She was literally the last person I talked ingame too a few weeks ago, she wasn’t even asking for stuff... just talking about life in general seeing as I was quitting. My heart aches for everyone that was closer to her than I was. I will try and come back for this tour, at least as a fun way of saying goodbye. I’m sure roxxass would want us all to have fun more than anything right now
  11. Agreed on all the points, it’s the reason I have been driven away from this game since January. Devs you are losing your player base
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