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  1. DoctorPBC

    Let's do something fun.

    Roxx how could you!!!! Cheating on me this brazenly
  2. You haven’t had enough of those this year? ;)
  3. DoctorPBC

    Fantasy Premier League draft

    ded league m8
  4. Lol that final LF another doubles before years end, me and lkrenz got a tie to break in here
  5. nobody cares about TT Signing up, given you been whispering me about this tour I feel like im in ;)
  6. When JJ can’t let his ego take a backseat for 1 season.... quit scamming the the people who donated. They didn’t donate to fuel the ego of past hosts
  7. DoctorPBC

    Last Words before leaving

  8. DoctorPBC

    Docs road to $1k

    Finish: I got tired of updating this and today hurt losing so much... so I did what any true gambler would do and risked it all on virtuals and it paid off. Felt right putting it all on the ‘London Whites’ (aka Tottenham my team) <3 Munya please close this thread
  9. DoctorPBC

    Docs road to $1k

    Day 18: Yesterday we were unlucky, today we were just down right fkin stupid/massively unlucky Juventus only won by 1 goal cost 15, Leicester not winning in 90 minutes was another 5, CSKA blew a $10 acca, Man City didn’t win for another $5 Buffalo Sabres blew a 2 goal lead for a $40 loss, Tampa Bay got upset at home for another $20. Winnipeg Jets shit away the lead 3 times to cost me $45. Minnesota about to cost me $5 more. $40 currently in play, but as things stand I’m $145 down Edit: Fuck being down, went balls in on a virtual. $200 back
  10. DoctorPBC

    Docs road to $1k

    Day 17: Florida Panthers are cnts and Burnley can get fucked down $45 on the day
  11. DoctorPBC


    If Linken isn’t best DPP then why has he made two finals in a row? @Kami
  12. DoctorPBC

    Docs road to $1k

    Day 16: Lost 4 and change on a hockey bet that was 5 minutes from getting me $230. Wolves lost me a further 15 but Aston Villa winning paired with a both teams scoring in Bournemouth Arsenal gained me $18. Napoli cost me a further 5 but once again Hockey and a Grey Cup final bet puts me up just over $40 on the day with $5 still in play
  13. Nah, this isn’t enough
  14. DoctorPBC

    Docs road to $1k

    Day 15: THE CHAINS ARE OFF... Just call this Docs road to 1k abusing ice hockey Everton only won by 1 goal to ruin my -1.5 bet, Juventus won both halves to win back $5 and put me up 1.50 on the day. Fulham added more joy to give me a $10 profit in total. A $5 accumulator failed on Man U (although I’m ok with this) and Watford failing to score. Lost $5 on Tottenham, they won, made my corners needed but Martin Atkinson is a total uguu for not giving Azpilicueta the card he deserved that I needed for a $20 win. Real Madrid cost me another $10 but Borrussia Dortmund made me $11 in winnings to put me $1 up in a rollercoaster of a day That was until this.... Im such a uguu for hockey. Up $140!!!!

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