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  1. Nope, he gettin the throne JJ noob Money on Greyworm being first down
  2. I just want to say it was an absolute pleasure coming back for this, it was the most fun ive had on this game for a very long time. It was the perfect way to remember Roxxass and I think she is looking down with a smile. Well played Sparkie, thank you hosts and may Andrea rip
  3. Gonna be the sickest 3 man bracket ever
  4. It’s ok brother we both get kicked out
  5. If it’s in 2 months maybe not hue. June 8th is a long time away
  6. Lurking hue waiting for some real hype in the game again
  7. When u literally dabbed on half of this list as an OG but don’t even get mentioned. Rip when everyone forgets about u already
  8. Having only found out about this just now, literally while reading this I’m shocked. I didn’t know her too personally but I definitely thought the doubles community was in safe hands between her and a couple of fresh faces. I wish I could log on and battle her now, not only do I owe her a couple defeats, she was always so gracious and generous in winning, always wanted to just have fun and nothing more. She was literally the last person I talked ingame too a few weeks ago, she wasn’t even asking for stuff... just talking about life in general seeing as I was quitting. My heart aches for everyone that was closer to her than I was. I will try and come back for this tour, at least as a fun way of saying goodbye. I’m sure roxxass would want us all to have fun more than anything right now
  9. Hey guys, staff fucked up. They are moving today’s tour to tomorrow
  10. Shiny Riolu prize and I can’t even get a full bracket, how far this game has fallen
  11. The first automated is up, gl everyone we had to move the times around a little, hopefully it still works!
  12. I swear on christ if you nabs all let this guy in because the forums r dead imma be chapped
  13. Hey this is my 4th time quitting Pretty confident its for real this time, I always came back because I knew I still had goals. Now I dont, ive reached the top (of doubles fake tier unpopular huehuehue fuck u staff) and I own probably the two rarest shinies in the game (lol sigliyph) Heres whats going down, I always despised people who quit with all their stuff... It just doesnt make sense, so why not drum up more hype than any official has for 3+ years and go out with a sick prize and giving back to whats left of the community. 16 Spots in the final bracket, double elimination. Its all doubles. Your prizes are as follows 1st: Shiny Riolu 2nd: Your choice of 3 of my OTs 3rd: Your choice of 1 of my OTs 4th: Last OT (lol its gonna be durant u poor fucker) My ots: Hydreigon, Durant, Marill, Ariados, Ninetales (im dying with my 2012 OT Arbok) How to qualify: I like to fuck around, so there is gonna be different ways to get in Spots 1-8: Automated tournaments happening every Saturday and Sunday for the next two weeks at 2pm EST. Top 2 make it in (3rd and 4th reserves) Spots 9-10: Post your favourite memory of PokeMMO, or cool shit that happened in game... best 2 stories get in (bonus points if I was involved) starting now Spots 11-12: Reserves tournament, gonna happen sometime after all the automateds are done Spots 13-16: Reserved spots for people who I want in the final bracket (get mad) (will be decided after the automated tournaments, thats still your best chance to get in) When: The two weeks of madness will wrap up on March 30th, 2pm EST at the Pokemon League CH1 (aka the spot I won my first tour in 2012) Any questions, comments or concerns put em in here
  14. Agreed on all the points, it’s the reason I have been driven away from this game since January. Devs you are losing your player base
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