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  1. Will the prize be improved as a result of asking players to play an extra round?
  2. Just waiting for a weekend dubs tour with a usable shiny prize
  3. Id reccomend heat wave on hydreigon instead of flamethrower so it has some form of spread dmg. That and whimsi could have something for giga drain unless gastrodons really worry you.
  4. Just to confirm, exactly what Julian said above. This isn’t a gripe with you, just more the overall prize system. :)
  5. DoctorPBC

    Quick Wishlist

    Change the forum skin back
  6. Any word on when the shiny prizes will be both worth competing for and usable?
  7. Any word on prizes being updated to be usable??? These rewards arent for high level competitive play
  8. devs gonna see pretty quick that when u offer good prizes tours tend to fill....
  9. Tiers won’t be unpopular if there is no tiers #StaffLogic
  10. I think people stopped playing bcos the rewards aren’t worth it any other MMO playing the highest level of PVP gives the highest level PVP rewards... I don’t get why that is different here
  11. Seems more of a failing on the staff to provide worthwhile prizes and actively promote the lower tiers than a failing of the playerbase itself as was implied in the post Whats next? NU, Dubs? Start making the tiers worth it to play, introduce competitive shiny prizes (like 5x31s) and none of this non shiny garbage. Start running more than 1 tour a day (they are automated for a reason, you dont need staff overseeing them constantly) and maybe the comp scene will start getting strong again, losing tiers isnt a failing of the playerbase, its a failing of the staff imo
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