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  1. Can confirm. Awesome service, sent 5 mons and got them all back the same evening fully EVd, levelled and with requested moves. Will use again
  2. Best part of being in such a strong team is that I can get RNG’d, lose 6-0 and still say GGNORE at the end of the day ;)
  3. Get Nincadas into playoffs and I still get banned... smh
  4. It’s ok JJ I’m done, said my piece, things won’t change from here. You can enjoy your PSL safely the only clarification I want to make is that my coaching happened after other teams had confirmed cases and you did nothing (or in your case, you coached too if I recall). I fought fire with fire hue
  5. My suspicions are that either they asked, or daryl asked hosts to get staff involved to save his team
  6. The only way they got this is if the staff were involved, myself and yetto did not discuss this with anyone else
  7. Drama time, this is my story in its 100% truthful state. Interpret it as you will, I felt it necessary to finally get my side across The payout Hosts soliciting staff to view player trade and chat logs Midseason My battle with Julian and my suggestions My discord conversation in its entirety with Thinknice
  8. If this is confirmed this is troubling for a whole spew of reasons
  9. My stance is this. Yetto and the other taillows may disagree but I feel the following needs to happen 1: The hosts need to provide proof of this ‘undeniable proof’ and a logical concrete explanation for why it is valid. 2: Failing the above taillows must be re-instigated into PSL with no punishments If either of the above do not happen, it is clear that the hosts are showing bias and It is my opinion they must not be allowed to continue hosting PSL starting immediately. Innocent until proven guilty am I right?
  10. Don’t worry I’m making a solid case for why this, like my ban is not valid I win and no concerns, I lose and I drop the screens and let you all decide
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