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  1. shut the fuck up jovi I didnt read all of it.. I just though sej was randomly shit talking
  2. im more concerned how bad you RNG'd that poor sap to win 4k BP
  3. game when the other 2 man up
  4. Dope idea, was thinking about doing the same thing a while ago but didn't have the time to do it... Nominating Tranz vs Frags see if the meme will let his dreams be dreams
  5. tbh it was +3 bcos the gyara got an intimidate in
  6. Now would be the time to ban Tor from making any bets whoever is running this thread
  7. quoted thanks for the free 45m
  8. *spreads hype to forums*
  9. Thoros, Beric, Jorah and Tormund die calling it now
  10. Also possible theory Like Goku going around fighting everyone, I'm thinking Jiren is gonna have to start doing the same. Wouldn't it be sick to see Jiren hunting down the U6 and U7 guys
  11. 1: U2 is looking pretty weak, they just have gimmicks 2: 17 MVP for u7 so far 3: kinda hoped Botamo did a bit more, what happened to his Magetta combo 4: U4 still in hiding 5: The next U7 elimination has to be coming up soon 6: Rip gowasu 7: That man had a family dammit 8: The angel looked pre upset 9: Goku and hit hype 10: if Goku is still able to get SSG why did they not just do the ritual with Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks and Goten pre tournament and have a team of SSG, like easy win?
  12. Am ready for the best tier