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  1. paid
  2. 500k on caterpies, tie voids
  3. im not sure if this is shit talk or you being dumb the guy is 7-1 in doubles... id give him better than 50/50
  4. yeah but personally id still take Lkrenz over either, think OU is a bit risky when its arguably his 2nd tier
  5. Actually thinking kecs might be able to snag this one, doubles not being in play really does give them a better chance
  6. fair play on Lkrenz though, might have the hype rematch next week!
  7. beat you week 1, comfortably beat just about everyone else.... he didn't appear dominant because he made it look easy
  8. can someone record this please @Eggplant @Bestfriends
  9. we will all know who to blame @Toast
  10. Beat Art 2-1, ggs fam
  11. IGN: DoctorPBJ Country: Canada (will happily take the UK as its my country of birth, just don't live there)
  12. gimme 31 and 29 31 and 28
  13. Dude its doubles turn, drop NU its shit anyways