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  1. I leave PSL for one season and you all let JJ win.... the fuck guys
  2. <3 you an independent woman don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise
  3. Nope, he gettin the throne JJ noob Money on Greyworm being first down
  4. Agreed on all the points, it’s the reason I have been driven away from this game since January. Devs you are losing your player base
  5. Am I the only one that sees 1017 people voting for Kiz?
  6. Day 8 - Soccer: What. The. Fuck. Brisbane forgot to let a goal in for a $3 loss. Stoke blew a 2 goal lead at home to fucking Shrewsbury and Bordeaux scored with virtually the last kick of the game to turn my $60 win into tatters. Down $10. FC Porto tied to a fucking 2nd division team. $5 down. Luton are shit and idk why I bet on them. Down $5. Hockey: we tried to rally from the soccer losses. Montreal held up their end of the acca but the Wild did not. Down $5. The jets won though to save me a little bit. $13 up but down to $33 on the day
  7. Seems Lkrenz can’t get away from dead doc huehuehue
  8. Day 7 - Soccer: UAE shit the bed to cost me $5 and change. Made $10 profit on both to score in Real Sociedad vs espanyol combined with under 3,5 goals in Cagliari vs Atalanta. Made $3 on Man city scoring first and second but lost $10 when Wolves couldn’t score. Lost $10 on a basketball game. Down to $53
  9. Day 6 - Update: I’m back at it, all the virtual winnings were cashed and I’m back at a flat 30 from day 5 Soccer: Funny old day. Tottenham didn’t win to cost me $5. Bournemouth not scoring cost me a further $10. Atletico, two Asian cup wins and a both teams to score in the Toulouse game netted me a $33 win. A $5 three way on Napoli, Real Madrid vs Betis being over 2.5 and Monaco vs Marseille being under 3.5 netted me $15 NFL: Got a bet365 offer for a free bet matching any bet I place before the game on the Patriots game. I put $30 on the Patriots and then the free $30 on the Chargers as it started. The patriots comfortably won for a $46 win and $16 profit Up to $50 EDIT: Put $10 on the Saints in the NFL for a $18 win. Put 7.50 on the Flames -1.5 right now at evens. They are 3 up so if this ends as is I’ll be up to $65
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