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  1. Hunting activities organized by Chinese players,mainly for cute Wooper.
  2. Bro, what you said is so good.As you said,I also don’t think @xiaolinggg will look for rule loopholes for these trivial things.Because he has not broken his trust and paid the rest money in the past.All he has been asking is to ensure fairness.I don't think rigorous practices should be laughed at,or be considered sophistry.Like the example LifeStyleNORE gave,very appropriate.I do not intend to cause controversy.But I believe that anyone who understands things should understand his approach.
  3. Yes i believe so.Trouble you guys and thank you.
  4. I see. sorry to trouble you.
  5. Why the game results are not updated in real time this week :)
  6. This game is destined to be an exciting game.After the game, one side is happy, the other side is sad.
  7. We will take Starmind win.Do you dare to accept? @Darkertake 6M @xiaolingggtake 2M @LZYiztake 2M @RNGive take 2M
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