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  1. Now, after purchasing something at the transaction bank, the system message will only show you the successful purchase or what the transaction bank mailed to you. I think the system message is best to give the amount of consumption. For example, it shows that you have spent 450,000 to buy an ocarina. Or you spent 1,000,000 to buy one pokemon. This is more intuitive and clear, and it is convenient to see your daily consumption.:)
  2. 祝mmo越来越好,新的一年里我要朝神奇宝贝大师的道路上迈进!ID:RNGive
  3. Pokemmo was like a box of chocolate ,you never know what you're gonna get.XD The official will not inform you in advance if there are upcoming events.
  4. Changes Players who are attempting to run from or target a wild shiny will now be met with a prompt making sure they really want to do that I am curious whether this mechanism is effective for Zorua's illusion properties. If it works,then hunting shiny Zorua will be a lot easier.XD
  5. Excuse me, I want to know when will this PVP season end?
  6. You can think of it this way:Two Plain Bitter = One very Bitter,same for the rest. Like this you said,you want to plant this,aguav Berries.After the harvested berry breaks down,70% are Plain Bitter,30% are very Bitter.The proportion of Plain Bitter is much larger than that of very Bitter.So you think very Bitter is hard to get. As you want to get more Very Spicy ,you can increase the number of planting Cheri Berries,consume Plain Spicy,in order to get more Very Spicy.
  7. 发论坛也不会蛋闪,不信谣,不传谣
  8. 你应该回复他...我用太阳伊布接棒我自然是知道的
  9. 有什么区别吗,你第二回合不拉斗笠菇吗,你第三回合不点到吗? 我第一回接棒,第二回合点到,第三回合孢子,哪个稳?
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