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  1. Im paying once i login, prbbly tommorow
  2. Munya's Mienfoos vs Rare Rayquazas OU1: Havsha vs xWhinkz [100k]Took by [---] OU3: PedroLindoUnico vs DarkQuiler [100k]Took by [Wallarro] The Legends Never Die vs Luxurious Luxrays OU2: iMat vs PoseidonWrath [100k]Took by [iMat] Doubles: YJos vs Gasyflour [100k]Took by [---] Overheat Charmanders vs Tenacious Taillows OU2: WarwitoX vs Gabuchox [100k]Took by [---] UU: Suneet vs YettoDie [100k] Took by [---] VOID IF - Any player is replaced - Any player is disconected - Any player wins by activity win - Any other unpredictable stuff
  3. I also said (with all respect ofc) I love his videos
  4. IGN: Sintatic Preferred Tiers: Gen8 LC but play all but dubs Competitive accolades: Went far in some Oficial and unofficial tours Discord contact: Sintatic#1666 Fluff: playing since 2014 xD and used abra to check u turn (dont drink kids) Preferred Potential Manager: PedroLindoUnico, Yettodie, Tawla
  5. IGN: Sintatic Accolades: Went kinda well on wc Fluff: Hyped to build any team for any lc tier and also love gen8
  6. me vs waritox tommorow (12/08) 21:30 portugal
  7. Hernjet can't play today, this game has been suspended to Friday, 06/08 (Same time)
  8. Sintatic vs Hernjet @hernjet Thursday, 05/08 11pm Portugal 5pm Peru 22:00 GMT
  9. LC: Sintatic vs SteveDerBaum 19:00 UTC+1 (Porutgal) 20:00 UTC+2 (Germany) Saturday, 17 / July 18:00 GMT
  10. Sintatic vs Baneadito - Saturday, 10 17:00 GMT 12:00 Mexico City 18:00 Lisbon
  11. IGN: Sintatic Country: Portugal Tiers: OU, NU, LC Discord: Sintatic#1666
  12. Amazing, can my buddies join this thread? :D
  13. Gg to all winners and late happy birthday @Fixedgaming!! Thank you for the raffle, you are amazing
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