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  1. LC: Sintatic vs SteveDerBaum 19:00 UTC+1 (Porutgal) 20:00 UTC+2 (Germany) Saturday, 17 / July 18:00 GMT
  2. Sintatic vs Baneadito - Saturday, 10 17:00 GMT 12:00 Mexico City 18:00 Lisbon
  3. IGN: Sintatic Country: Portugal Tiers: OU, NU, LC Discord: Sintatic#1666
  4. Amazing, can my buddies join this thread? :D
  5. Gg to all winners and late happy birthday @Fixedgaming!! Thank you for the raffle, you are amazing
  6. Oh right, this file is just the code start icon calls, ty
  7. Why can't I open "encounter_counter" file? I just can run the counter by the "start" icon. Any clue?
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