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  1. Oh right, this file is just the code start icon calls, ty
  2. Why can't I open "encounter_counter" file? I just can run the counter by the "start" icon. Any clue?
  3. We wanted matchmaking for lc and they remove the tier xD RIP
  4. But for example, if I want a comp shiny Dragonite or something like that and I just have almost no time to play because of my work and stuff what's the problem of buying an untradeable one? Could be just an option to buy shiny particle to a Pokémon and make it untradeable, i dont know This is my vision
  5. So my Idea is to create an option to buy an untradeable Pokemon with real money. Everything can be edited and everything have a price: For example, if you want it shiny it would be more expensive. If you want 3x31 it would be more expensive than 2x31 and less than 4x31 If you want egg moves you would've to pay also the egg moves So you have a box to choose everything and as you editing you can see the "actual price" of pokemon
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