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  1. my boy twofist is feeling salty
  2. happy bday uguu!

    1. Vorred


      eat shit dede

  3. Hattori weeb trash reporting in Can't even play a game without being called cancer steam is http://steamcommunity.com/id/Vorred
  4. hit me up on discord if ur playing
  5. might wanna lower the 1m to like 10k
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/id/vorred im terrible but im better than @Rigamorty
  7. Wild Midrange is fun, played a similar decklist today. hit Rank 10 with around 70-80% winrate losing to Priest mainly. still have a 100% win rate against most classes. EDIT: We rank 8 now, haven't lost since making this post tho
  8. its fun quest rogue gave me a cancer that is only cureable by playing face hunter
  9. u wanna fuckin go kid
  10. VA-11 Hall-A is also on sale, its a pretty short and slightly linear, other endings are super easy to miss but its really interesting and the music is cool. I would have had a spare copy from a humblebundle but i forgot about this thread and gave it away at random.
  11. the only games i played at diamond were aids too, havent played comp in like a month now though
  12. time to losing streak back down to 2700
  13. Eichenwald, hybrid capture/payload going into a Castle Ecopoint: Antartica, a small map used for their new 3v3/1v1 game modes Oasis, King of the hill map just released like a week ago console peasant