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  1. doesn't look like it even matters if that was true either way
  2. as if anybody other than Bestfriends would actually put any effort into being a mayor if anybody else gets elected they're just gonna be a fucking loser and stand around saying 'lol im mayor xd'
  3. i dont understand why its Dynamic Monkeys when it could be Dynamic Mankeys and sound a million times better also Raging Noctowls is just garbage, why noctowls? why they angry? why not at least do some fucking alliteration like all the other unoriginal losers?
  4. important reminder that gunthug shadow balled a girafarig once
  5. I bet you know all the fortnite dances you fucking degenerate
  6. hi aerun sucks btw thanks for coming to my ted talk
  7. "why dont you suck my big uguu uguu uguu" vorred 2018

  8. i dont still play, i just sometimes open for forums whem im bored

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