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  1. you don't see the british olympic team picking my grandma up for tennis just because she wants to maybe these players should git gud enough for people to want to put them in to represent their country
  2. these choices are all shit is this what it feels like to vote for a president in america?
  3. the only good part of ds2 is the background music in Majula
  4. Hello visual novel enthusiasts. It is me, fellow visual novel gamer. I am a fan of hit visual novel: Muv Love. I enjoy reading these visual novels with my professional reading goggles from https://www.specsavers.co.uk (Which are available at a very affordable price!). When I am reading I often forget about shaving, but do not fret fellow enthusiasts. With code "Vorred" you can get a good bargain at https://uk.dollarshaveclub.com/.
  5. veni vidi vici vixi more like suck suck suck suck
  6. stonks are for WEEbs how long is the VN anyway? i have all 3 episodes on steam but i dont really feel like reading something long right now
  7. I started Sharin no Kuni a few months ago but didn't get around to finishing it yet. i'll finish it, even though the MC is a fuckin loser carrying around a briefcase of panties
  8. man i fucking love G Senjou
  9. its been a while since I read Little Busters but the music was nice and the baseball minigame stuff was fun also you are wrong, Sunohara is secretely best girl
  10. wow this dumpster fire sure got out of control real fast
  11. why should we vote for him if you're the one doing all the work in this campaign?
  12. so the spanish community is just brigading this dude who doesn't even use the forums very cool travesty to my boy ytromagiR
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