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  1. important reminder that gunthug shadow balled a girafarig once
  2. I bet you know all the fortnite dances you fucking degenerate
  3. hi aerun sucks btw thanks for coming to my ted talk
  4. "why dont you suck my big uguu uguu uguu" vorred 2018

  5. i dont still play, i just sometimes open for forums whem im bored

  6. no way, you're still active on this haha that's crazy

    1. Aerun


      Yeah and I heard he still listens to dubstep

  7. after psl 9, pretty fuckin low id say
  8. no, but im still not changing it yeah but he's gone and you're still here. the student becomes the master i guess.
  9. that'll be a cool discovery for whoever next opens that subforum 10 years from now.
  10. I don't have the game installed so I guess it'll be a pleasant surprise on release
  11. is there any way to check if you have previously donated? I'm interested in trying the beta but I don't even remember if I donated since it would have been a long ass time ago.
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