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  1. Vorred

    Event Suggestions & Feedback

    that'll be a cool discovery for whoever next opens that subforum 10 years from now.
  2. I don't have the game installed so I guess it'll be a pleasant surprise on release
  3. is there any way to check if you have previously donated? I'm interested in trying the beta but I don't even remember if I donated since it would have been a long ass time ago.
  4. Vorred

    Freedom of speech

    blocking other players in game removes their freedom of speech too because they cant whisper you, REMOVE BLOCKING NOW!!!1111!!!!!!!!1!!!!1
  5. thanks dede


  7. at least a book would have a contents page so I don't have to wade through shit to find a sentence, but okay buddy.
  8. why not just add important points to the OP so they don't need to read 5 pages of posts to find answers for a small question
  9. Vorred

    Pelipper 100% cheat

    ban it irl while we're at it too
  10. Vorred

    psl X donation thread

    idk man, team riga went from a shit name to a top tier meme name id be disappointed if nobody tried to take it
  11. Vorred


    i hope strawpoll bans fred somehow
  12. Vorred

    psl X donation thread

    Honestly, I just hope fred isn't in charge because none of the thread titles will have any capital letters and PSL will look like a joke
  13. Vorred

    The monumental failure of clubs

    round table was the only forum i ever really looked at, i dont even think ive clicked on the clubs button once this year so far because its just a pain in the ass to use
  14. i haven't seen this level of sucking up to staff since 2013 @Gilan
  15. Vorred

    PokeMMO Community Survey Results

    wow this community is hitting levels of cringe i didn't think were possible very cool

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