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  1. u wanna fuckin go kid
  2. VA-11 Hall-A is also on sale, its a pretty short and slightly linear, other endings are super easy to miss but its really interesting and the music is cool. I would have had a spare copy from a humblebundle but i forgot about this thread and gave it away at random.
  3. the only games i played at diamond were aids too, havent played comp in like a month now though
  4. time to losing streak back down to 2700
  5. Eichenwald, hybrid capture/payload going into a Castle Ecopoint: Antartica, a small map used for their new 3v3/1v1 game modes Oasis, King of the hill map just released like a week ago console peasant
  6. i hit diamond and lost a few games so im around the same place
  7. i no life this game every day
  8. and you can't even get 12 wins when everyone is shit. what are you even doing?
  9. hasn't even gotten a 12 win run in arena, what a scrub
  10. had a Pharah a few games ago who was doing nothing since countered by their McCree and Soldier but they refused to switch because the other 2 people (who were also fucking shit) were being toxic. it was basically 3v6.
  11. Me and twofist are Plat too, we were grinding to diamond pretty well until we got shit teams 4 times in a row. Queuing with only 1-2 people is like playing the lottery
  12. klone pls, you are barely 2012. December pleb.
  13. wow maybe one day you'll be good
  14. you'll be fine assuming you plan on watching both of the airing danaganronpa series'.