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  1. Sweet. I like it.


    I have level 5 loons so this'll work out great for everyone.


    same.  loons are coming (soonish, whenever I manage to get 6mil elixir again), but until then I'd rather be just wiz

  2. Remember, a vote for Dannnno is a vote for the DRC.  Don't forget there are other terrible African nations.


    EDIT: fuck, put too many n's in my name


    EDIT2: also I'll only give troops to people who vote for me

  3. I'm like 80% positive that this has been suggested before


    also, level 60-70 pokemon wouldn't be a challenge (unless you'd tournament mode it so that your pokes were level 50, in which case it could be interesting)

  4. Am I the only one who brushes their teeth in the shower ?

    My friend says that's incredibly weird ;-;





    it took me nearly 3 years but i finally hit 1k posts, i'll catch up to archinix/dannnnnnnnnnnooooooo in no time


    thats cute

  5. When copulating, you are not having fun. In fact, you have more fun doing a hobby than having intercourse. Of course our bodies "tell us" to have it, but is that "real fun" or is it our bodies dictating us again? Do you want to get the same satisfaction that you have doing copulation? Here is the answer, do something you take pleasure in. For instance, I log into PokeMMO because I genuinely have fun playing the game and communicating with the community. I don't sit around all day scrolling through Google Images of women that decided to show off. Otherwise, that would be considered having no life. I am planning to go to college and I hope to incorporate going to PokeMMO in my schedule, because I love this community. If I just focused on porn all day, I would get nowhere. I won't meet good friends like blackiye, Noad, Rache, Zehkar, Throwdown, OldKeith, and many more nice people. If I focused on porn all day, I won't be interested in competitive play or be interested in making a YT channel advertising this game on YouTube. Even though I am quitting YT once I do my farewell speech, I want to hang around this community because this community has a potential. If I just focused on pornography, I wouldn't even know the beauty of PokeMMO, I won't be watching the news, and I wouldn't even plan to go to college.


    Having sex with someone I care about at an emotional level is an extremely enjoyable act.  As it turns out, I take pleasure in boning babes.  I will never apologize for that


    The fact that you can use the phrase "beauty of PokeMMO" and not be facetious is proof that you're literally never going to have sex and understand.


    I'll PM you some porn if you wanna start getting an idea of what its like tho.  I'd do that for you bestfriendsbrah

  6. Nothing yet, I am planning to one day buy a metal detector and detect beaches. (That would be nice, but I am very busy and if the opportunity comes to me, I can take it)


    [spoiler]Look at how much fun this guy is having



    God I wish I could link some porn video here and say "look at how much fun this guy is having" but... I need to thoroughly trash archi before I can get myself b&.

  7. First, even if the porn industry makes more than the metal detecting industry, I have a bit of ethics that tell me not to seek porn nor be into prostitution. Second, metal detecting for something you can bring home like gold or a coin or even better, a ring!!! I would suggest you watch some YT videos on how fun it is. The feelings are indescribable, but the videos can shine a prospective into doing it. Beaches are meant to be metal detected for treasure not looking at eye candy 24/7 hence the reason why I don't agree with the feminist movement in regards to the bathing suits. Cipher asked a page back about tanning, here is my answer, don't tan because it can grow skin cancer. The sun is way too OP for the human skin and it is actually dangerous to get a tan.


    Whats wrong with porn/prostitution?  And you know what other feeling is indescribable?  Sex.  The videos can shine a perspective into doing it however.


    meh, skin cancer schmin cancer.  we're all gonna die anyway

  8. No, its your imagination. Preferably, gold coins and jewellery is a bit more valuable than being aroused all day, but if that is what you enjoy doing, just sit there, let the treasure collect sand while you continue to look at some eye candy.


    the eye candy is valuable


    it provides mental health


    and improved blood flow, nomisayin?




    [spoiler]I don't think you do know what I am saying[/spoiler]

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