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  1.   This is actually my favorite sig that you've made. I don't think the animation is too bad either. The one thingis that some of the background stuff looks a little weird, but otherwise good     The greninja looks funny (I think just a bad render), and the text doesn't flow too well. With simple sigs like this I think its generally better to only have one render in it
    1. Anjovies


      edited. vry srs.

    2. kloneman


      your wife is getting ready for christmas, so is mine, we should be friends.

    3. TheGloriousWalrus


      kloney, you don't even have a wife, you just have a dead uguu corpse.

      (Which you share with Squall)

  2. God fucking damn it, missed the 7k milestone. nother 1000 to go ;_;

  3. good night sweet prince. RIP FYS

    1. kloneman


      >implying it wasn't already dead.

  4. damn, I was trying to hit 2k likes at 7k posts... now what?

  5. mfw Desu now has a santa hat avatar... When did they disable gravatar so he could change it? :L

    1. kloneman


      When the cows came home.

  6.   Too much whitespace around your renders, it looks funny
  7. inb4 its for christmas 2014
  8. Fun fact - just under 1/3 of all forum accounts have even 1 post

    1. Dannnno


      I believe that its easy to find duplicate accounts, but when I've seen past rapid bans (lax) they still usually manage to get 1-3 posts in, more depending on what time of day they start posting.

    2. Emlee


      I'd still say they're mostly people who botted in game, came on to appeal, got rejected and stopped posting. (maybe not mostly but probs a lot, they're legit mostly ppl who lost interest I am sure.)

    3. Dannnno


      I suppose @OS

      @Emlee, but wouldn't those posts still exist somewhere and show up in their post count?

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  9. I hate when I oversleep and the dining hall is closed... now I have to have ramen for breakfast

  10.   And it would also give us the opportunity to get additional legends? We say no to pay2win here
  11.   The information was leaked by a (former) staff member to a specific player, who then passed it on to me, at which point I plastered it everywhere I could on the forums
  12. forums are dead these days ;_;

  13. Are you talking to Kelarr? Cuz thats kind of the point EDIT:
  14.   1. No 2. Probably not
  15. It seems like we're getting a lot more visual bugs like that since the last update...
  16. I wish I was a moderator just so I could read the hidden posts in the picture of yourself thread

    1. G0dPower


      Hector(?). NEVER FORGET

    2. G0dPower


      HORATIO. ok i remember the name now and OS you're a legend man

    3. kloneman


      So many memes related to one person.

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  17. I demand the picture of yourself thread be reopened. I see no way this could go poorly

  18. mfw hidden posts ;_;

    1. kloneman


      What a massive uguu.

    2. Dannnno


      What did I tell you about looking in mirrors kloney

    3. kloneman


      You told me not to do it. ;-;

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