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  1. Team Pipe's alt run extravaganza!


    That's right, team pipe and team bong are having a whole bunch of alt run fun tomorrow, Saturday January 4th.  From 5 PM EST to 10 PM EST compete with other [Bong] members to see who can get the furthest, earn the most and complete several special challenges!  Each participant (Bong members w/ priority, first come first serve) will be provided a level 5~ smeargle with the move 'pay day'.  They will also be challenged to get several special moves on this smeargle, each one being worth several points.


    Top 10 competitors win fantastic prizes!

  2. It doesn't work for me, the farthest i've gotten was the log in screen, then it froze, i tried again, now it doesn't get past 0% at the loading screen


    Same, I've tried both the web and downloadable client and neither work

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