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  1. I sit at around 1100 hours on my main (probably 400-500 on donator status) with no shinies while I was actively hunting them.  Another 200 or so on alts with no luck.  Several thousand more on my handhelds until based Pokemon Y

  2. I am sure the people who play this easily weigh a ton collectively. 




    don't tell people that I'm a neckbeard with cheeto crumbs living in my parent's basement


    as far as they're concerned I look like I'm in MISC

  3. Demand Harden to be banned from Clan Wars


    We should make an official list of who is and is not allowed to participate in clan wars, otherwise people end up guessing.


    alright fine. But I Still Think we should put in the effort to find good new players. Maybe make a team thread on the supercell forum


    fine by me

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