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  1. tfw I've never had any trouble with it
  2.   I like it, one thing though I think that the tournament signup area should also indicate how many people are in it and how many spots are full, as well as format (single elim/double elim/round robin, etc)
  3.   0/10, 2spooky5me   also, smoki's critique of it is spot on imo
  4. past halfway for 8k, celebration time

    1. TheGloriousWalrus


      Celebrate with who?

    2. Dannnno


      my fleshlight

      tfw too poor for fleshlight

    3. TheGloriousWalrus
  5. I have a pooped number of posts. srs wtf is wrong with me

  6.   ikr. I think my client is probably corrupted or something, I just can't be bothered to download a new one
  7.   EDIT:   EDIT2: Such trainer card  
  8.   Do not approve/10   EDIT: There was also one where the opening battle animation was a bunch of old men going across the screen, but I was too slow to screenshot it   Not sure what happened here     EDIT2:     EDIT3: wtf are you doing pokemmo     EDIT4: Also saw several other images during the animation, including the banhammer. weirdests evolution ever     EDIT5: nice gastly  
  9. Tiering support would likely be much easier if we had a more concrete system of creating tiers...   https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/36872-creation-of-a-pokemmo-council/
  10. Dannnno returned an unfortunate number of people who aren't me.   Seriously why would someone ever intentionally put four fucking n's in their username like this.   [spoiler]I say that because it was an accident for me and I'm running with it[/spoiler]
  11.   yeah, the trainer tower certainly doesn't sound ideal right now. However I imagine that is what they'd like to move towards, and that is why they are getting rid of masters.   Plus a year is a pretty long time, for a relatively small game with relatively high turnover.   We also have to remember that this iteration of the pvp tower is (hopefully) not the final one - I imagine that they'll eventually implement some method of tiering pokemon for one.  Also I doubt that pvp ranking will be limited to the tower only
  12.   I don't. I think that the incoming laddering implementation, with the (presumable) updates to form and function of rankings masters tournaments will be unnecessary.   I think that occasional tournaments, say once every 3-4 months that takes in the top XXX members of each ladder, would be better than a monthly series.
  13. Based Guide Tavern rework. Now they just need to do it properly (see my suggestion for details)

  14. tfw OT hasn't had a new post in almost an hour

    1. Emlee


      Because I was asleep.

    2. Dannnno


      srs I just triple posted because its so dead

    3. Emlee


      ;( well. It is Friday. People must have left their houses.

  15. User Dahicky, member since 06 December... seems legit

  16.   This is actually my favorite sig that you've made. I don't think the animation is too bad either. The one thingis that some of the background stuff looks a little weird, but otherwise good     The greninja looks funny (I think just a bad render), and the text doesn't flow too well. With simple sigs like this I think its generally better to only have one render in it
    1. Anjovies


      edited. vry srs.

    2. kloneman


      your wife is getting ready for christmas, so is mine, we should be friends.

    3. TheGloriousWalrus


      kloney, you don't even have a wife, you just have a dead uguu corpse.

      (Which you share with Squall)

  17. God fucking damn it, missed the 7k milestone. nother 1000 to go ;_;

  18. good night sweet prince. RIP FYS

    1. kloneman


      >implying it wasn't already dead.

  19. damn, I was trying to hit 2k likes at 7k posts... now what?

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