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  1. [img]http://www.reactiongifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Billy-D_Approves.gif[/img] But actually, nice work. I've been considering making one for a while and you took all the work out of it
  2. Welcome! And like Cipher said, it gets... Interesting... here
  3. Follow the manual instructions guide here. [url="http://psypokes.com/dex/hp.php"]http://psypokes.com/dex/hp.php[/url] You can't tell the power though EDIT: You could actually estimate the power if you use it against a friend's poke w/ known stats, etc
  4. [quote name='Senile' timestamp='1367182812' post='310815'] Alternatively, enter a double battle with only a Smeargle and a pokemon with baton pass. This should work, unless it's bugged like Dannno said. [/quote] Nah this method is bugged I've tried it and I think Kyu confirmed it, I'll edit with the link EDIT:[url="https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/18780-unable-to-sketch-baton-pass/"]https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/18780-unable-to-sketch-baton-pass/[/url] Not sure where the original thread is
  5. [quote name='CipherWeston' timestamp='1367177495' post='310675'] Necessary nerco is necessary. [/quote] necessary support is necessary
  6. [quote name='MeCagaronMiNick' timestamp='1367163331' post='310358'] Any idea how can i teach smeargle baton pass? [/quote] iirc there is a bug with baton pass that makes it not sketchable
  7. This suggestion is relatively minor, but is related to how much [s]bitching[/s] constructive criticism has been floating around due to decisions regarding official tournaments. I was thinking if there was a slightly different system to how those are decided we could [s]eliminate[/s] hopefully-maybe-probablynot minimize people's unhappiness. A few ideas. 1. The winner of the prior tournament can decide on the theme of the next one (ou/uu/whatever) as long as it is different from the one they won 2. The tourneys are announced as 'official 50s' tournament, and then players vote, and a week later its announced and then registration and such 3. Same as above but the voting occurs post registration and the people who successfully register and the reserves get to vote on it
  8. [quote name='Heavenol' timestamp='1366701294' post='302352'] Only Gizmo/Desu would have uber pokemon. But to make things a little more fair, I suppose the challenger is allowed to use some items such as Hyper Potions and Revives. Of course, you would only be able to use the items few times. [/quote] well your suggestion was that the winner would fight gizmo or desu :L
  9. Dannnno

    Hello there

    I swear this is a necessary bump. I learned today that my IGN means fuck you in Kurdish. That is all
  10. [quote name='CipherWeston' timestamp='1366660560' post='301360'] Would it include their Pokemon they can spawn, or Pokemon that is available to us? [/quote] All ubers
  11. [quote name='kizhaz' timestamp='1366637278' post='300771'] thats very unlikely. nobody that even remotely has a life would spend that much time on a pokemon they might only use once. Most people would use the competitive pokemon they already own. [/quote] Are you new here? Most competitive players would spend that much time on a pokemon they might only use once, not to mention that lots of the big players of pokemmo probably don't have lives considering how much time it takes to be as competitive as they are...
  12. [quote name='iSmashbro' timestamp='1366597732' post='300254'] Welcome [/quote] Not sure if ironic or didn't read
  13. [quote name='CipherWeston' timestamp='1366596074' post='300210'] Unnecessary nerco is unnecessary. [spoiler]The OP hasn't been on since Jan 28th[/spoiler] [/quote] Why was this I don't even... wot
  14. [quote name='CipherWeston' timestamp='1366585408' post='299986'] I know breeding is not implemented yet, but when it is, we should have a Baby Tournament. Much like this tournament right now dealing with just Eevees, it should be a tournament based just on baby Pokemon. I say level 15 or 20 for the match. [/quote] I wanna see straight up little cup lvl 5 tournies. Amnesia brace sales will skyrocket and my ev training business might finally take off
  15. Ur name is wot now? Lol, always good to see another Daniel. Also, I dig the IGN. Welcome!
  16. #ShineyGate2013

  17. That helped, but the first few lines are kinda weirdly alligned...
  18. Good thread, just seems a bit text heavy to me and hard to read
  19. I can have statuses on here... wut

  20. Now that we have double battles, we don't need wild smeargle anymore right? Or can you not use sketch in PvE NPC battles?
  21. Do like [url="https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/18118-repel-with-reverse-effect/"]this[/url] suggestion but with fishing only?
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