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  1. Well that's the PokeMMO party line, and while I personally think it's somewhat reasonable, you have to understand that the legality is irrelevant. If Nintendo wanted to shut it down, they could. It doesn't matter if it's legal - court costs and time taken to actually deal with a lawsuit would cripple the game. The legality of mods is questionable - companies have certainly succeeded in getting mods of games to be taken down in the past. Again, even if they would win the court battle, see above. Calling it free advertising isn't quite right, and I doubt that it is what
  2.   It's possible it has changed in the ~3 years since I asked about this, but this forum won't work on (most/all of) those (iirc security concerns or something).
  3. October 2012 You... you know how dates work right? And you know what today is?
  4.   You clearly weren't around for the glory days of ch 2. My post was a remembrance for the brave souls who made this game worth playing.   I miss them.
  5. BONG   ;_;   rip in pieces   good night sweet prince   I'll never 5get u   ;_;7
  6. uguu pls, empty your inbox

    1. Dannnno


      Also, never post again cuz we're tied. Also get fred and monyo permabanned, and never let anyone post again. thx bb

    2. TheGloriousWalrus
  7. Dannnno

    Oak Battle

    I'm like 80% positive that this has been suggested before   also, level 60-70 pokemon wouldn't be a challenge (unless you'd tournament mode it so that your pokes were level 50, in which case it could be interesting)
  8. effective bump, well done
  9. uguu stop posting, you're gonna pass me

  10. Who the fuck are you

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    2. Sialia
    3. danooooo


      im a player since 2013 im friend with alot nice player hire have a coleksion shinys and good pokecash ... what the fuck u want

    4. Dannnno


      Ideally, someone who doesn't sound like a total tard who has a similar name as me

  11. Good to see that even staff member posts get hidden when they make someone up top mad. RIP fudnud

  12.   Except that's stupid and doesn't address the issue.  There is a problem: you can't always trust people online, but sometimes you have to (see post above).  This suggestion helps address the consequences of this issue, although not the issue itself.
  13.   except we, once again, run into the issue that you don't really know people on the internet, and sooner or later you're bound to make a mistake
  14.   Yes, but it can be hard to know that there will be a problem with a person ahead of time.  This system would help fix the situation where you've misjudged someone.
  15.     Obviously the ideal situation would be to never promote someone who will abuse their power.  Unfortunately, that requires a pretty deep and intimate knowledge of other people.  And this is, well, you know... The internet.  No matter how well you think you know your internet BFF5EVAOMG - you don't.  You might know them better than other people on the game, and you actually might know them pretty well, but simply by virtue of meeting someone on the internet you already don't know them.  So you're left with a choice - trust someone you don't really know,
  16. Dannnno

    A safe!

    Or... choose a secure password and don't tell people.  And get an on screen keyboard
  17.   Thats a great point! I'll do my best to use the pc term in the future.   Have you ever thought about making a thread where you post a new tip on how to appreciate the staff every day?
  18.   Thanks birdwatcher!  I'm so glad to see someone who is sticking up for the little guys and reminding us of how great we have it~
  19. You can hide posts all you want but it doesn't change the truth. Noad new h1tler

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    2. Mariout


      No, I meant Noad's post that said "I have edited the opening post to remove some inappropriate content. ". I assumed there was lewd or similar stuff that I missed out on

    3. Dannnno


      Oh, no idea about that. Probably calling out players or something

    4. Malorne


      She has passed that level long ago...

  20. wait when did introductions become fun? why did no one tell me   welcome to the forums, etc etc
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