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  1. submitting is ingame, usually done via whispers but LordHydra may have other means for that, I am sure he will announce after the event is done
  2. Well shiny breeding is similar to normal breeding except for the OT, also you can only breed shinies together the OT passes if the main OT is you, so female usually or either if you are breeding with a ditto otherwise the offspring will be an UNKNOWN OT
  3. if you are looking for the OT dex entry you have to breed a mantine with sea incense iirc
  4. where am I supposed to release my e4 team?
  5. I promise if this got added to kill my first shiny to try it ( have been hunting for 300+ hours now (cries) )
  6. I really like the idea and how much thought you did put into this, I hope they consider it even if they still need more ideas and will ask for more suggestions from us, many would love to help to add such fun experience to the game
  7. I approve this, all hail the mighty SPINDA
  8. Any balanced team can do well as long as you lvl them up to the limits
  9. uh I also did this, feel free to change IVs that might be better as 31s I guess or shuckles ability/item cause it really was hard to see them through the video shuckle @ Cat Cookie Bold Nature Gluttony Ability 222 spdef/42 def/ 246 hp 24/28/30/22/29/11 Encore PowerSplit Rest StealthRock Shedinja @ Focus Sash Adamant Nature(I'd recommend Jolly I guess) WonderGuard Ability 252 atk/252 spd the rest on hp for the memes x/31/x/x/x/31 Agility Baton Pass Shadow Claw Swords Dance Umbreon @ leftovers Careful Nature Synchronize Ability 252 hp/252 d
  10. forgot to mention this yesterday but here's the link for unova's video if anyone wants it, I hope you update the original post with it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXkzXBSepww
  11. I do have these as well and same with tree shadows
  12. Special sound for shinies would make it a ton easier to shiny hunt without having to pay attention or even having to look, just use my wireless keyboard with ease while using my phone or something rewind,skip turn, faster speeds while watching replays and not exiting the tournament menu when the replay finishes RNG chains, doesn't make sense to me that someone can get 50k encounters without a shiny and someone else gets 2 shinies in 20 minutes I mean it's pure luck but well the other player should have something awarded for all his effort at least
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