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  1. ID Llffff 游戏时长 506h 口袋10年骨灰玩家最早还是黑白机时代,一路走来,之前一直保持单机游戏的玩法在遨游,b站看到以后希望加入你们这个大家庭。 资金10m
  2. 从小学开始玩 现在也已经成家立业了 不过确实投入时间越来越少了
  3. 主要是申诉驳回 也就算了 我提供我小号交易记录就能证明自己没参与线下 可是官方也不给我具体证明 唉 要不是gf越做越倒胃口 就没这么多事 多人实时在线也确实能 实现小时候gb实时的玩法 才这么支持这个游戏
  4. 我到不是因为怎么 我就是想要个说法 真的很气啊
  5. 问题:我已经是半年没玩的玩家了,在今年5月想回来玩的时候发现,我的大号账号被封禁显示RMT,然后我到论坛申诉,但是回馈我的却是不予解封,我大号小号是不同邮箱的,但是我2个账号之间有发生时装互换以及宠物互换等,麻烦管理员帮我在查询一下,如果需要我提供小号ID以及账户 或者游戏内上线的话我都可以配合,但是论坛只能申诉一次,我已经不可以继续申诉了我没办法,只能来这里发布!
  6. The account was banned, prompting me RMT, but I didn't make any illegal transactions at all. The administrator rejected it and didn't give me any evidence. I hope the administrator can thoroughly check it and appeal only once, and then I can't continue to appeal. As a player, I also hope to enjoy the rights and interests that I should have rather than ban it. I also hope MMO can do better
  7. Dear administrator, I am a loyal fan of pokemmo. I worked for a while last year, but when I logged in the game account this year, I found that the account was banned on April 16, but this account has always been played by me alone, and has never been traded offline. Please check it with my dear administrator. I really love this game. Thank you
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