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  1. Can I be your 100th Follower?

    1. Teddi


      Hahah feel free to! Thank you :)

  2. Hello there DrFaller, I have to agree with Bestfriends although for a different reason that you allude to in this comment. There are more people in game than forums, however that reduces the chances of a fly by night in game service. Yes, you said something about banning the person, but I would rather give my pokemon to a human instead of some random In Game Fiverr person that could game the system. Also Bestfriends did mention the human aspect of the Trade Corner which brings us together as a playerbase. It should be expensive or time consuming to isolate yourself on Pokemmo.
  3. The man with few words. Almost like president Calvin Coolidge. Says few words and gets stuff done.
  4. Ahhhhhhhhhh... Run!!!!!! Flipping on the lights!!!!! Running (trips on banana peel), gets back up and running again!!!! Can't sleep! Turns on the lights in bed and having a stuffed doll of Eevee. Now I can sleep again....
  5. Ah, no problem. I like the Kirby image though. It is adorable. Also, if you need a "Follow Me" pokemon for Byron's Aron, then I can loan you one. IGN: Dividend
  6. At 50:40, is that you battling @Bestfriends?



    1. DiosSlurpuff


      Oh, I didn't know that boy was youtuber, yes, I remember that duel

    2. Diplomacy


      Cool! I gave him a follow on his forums profile. Feel free to check his profile out when you have time.

    3. Bestfriends


      I hope you guys enjoy my content. It was nice battling you DiosSlurpuff, although I was in the middle of a story scene.

  7. For every Gym Leader party selection you complete is going to be given a like. I am curious, why do you have a dead man as your forums avatar? You're far from dead.
  8. Thanks for the advice man. This is quite helpful for those who do not want to make a few weather teams.
  9. Hey, if you're doing Byron, then watch out for his level 1 Aron. It could make documentation hard.
  10. Sounds cool, but can you write the suggestion in the Vanity Suggestions Thread?
  11. That name is quite hilarious. Well, my name in game is also hilarious as well. I hardly log on, but I can still add you.
  12. Not going to lie, Cyrus put me at the edge of my chair. Also it is so comical when other characters either talk or ask where Cyrus is in later episodes and you say "please watch part 10."
  13. Pick Squirtle because he is a great starter. Also, he helped create Pokemmo! (Look at the staff roster)
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