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  1. But thats the thing: they weren't critical hits, and it still happened. Because according to the person that did the math, it shouldnt be possible for charizard to get one shot my wild charge without a critical, and yet i watched it happen multiple times
  2. Why does everyone think im using only my charizard? At no point did i say i was using only my charizard, ive done plenty of starter only runs in different games and its getting old, i have no intention of doing one in this game. We've already gone over the fact that charizard has a lower base attack. That isnt the problem at hand here. The problem is people telling me its not possible for arcanine to one shot mt charizard with wild charge when i literally watched it happen with my own two eyes
  3. Why do you think im just going to let slide someone trying to tell me that i didnt see exactly what i saw?
  4. You mad wack if you think i didnt literally watch my charizard get one shotted by wild charge every time until i maxed its level. Either it hit a critical every time and didnt tell me or the game is different from your math Considering my charizard is maxxed out on evs and cant gain anymore, and that i didnt really fight any pokemon that gave hp evs from level 50 to 55, i can probably safely assume that my hp ev was 50 at the time of the battles, given i fought one pokemon to level charizard up from 47 or so to 50 because of a very handy glitch that somehow ended up giving me over 12k exp (has anyone ever reported having that glitch? Kinda messed me up seeing my level shoot up 2 or 3 times for killing one tentacruel)
  5. I never said it was a wild arcanine, i said it was blaines arcanine, which was a different instance than the time i was ohko'd by something 14 levels below me
  6. You can like... literally... walk in tall grass?
  7. I already know about type effectiveness and that certain pokemon are better at some things, but that still doesnt excuse the fact that im not able to one shot something with a super effective move when im a whole 14 levels higher than it. I shouldnt have to constantly worry about type effectiveness because i should be able to use what i want and still beat it. I have to constantly use powerful attacking moves because if i try to use a status move to actually employ any strategy i get demolished in 1 or 2 hits, regardless of what level i am
  8. I wasnt trying to do everything with my starter, my starter was the one with the best chance because my snorlax wasnt a high enough level at the time. I shouldnt be forced to use more pokemon than i want, and i shouldnt be forced to constantly use type advantage. If you remember, lapras has an attack stat only 1 higher than charizard, and its always been one of my go to picks for any game, because its always been really helpful and never given me a problem. Same with charizard
  9. I do have a basic understanding of battling, and i know damn well that something 14 levels below me shouldnt be able to one shot me unless it uses a ohko move, type advantage or not. Charizard has plenty high attack, and its never been a problem before, especially when im above the level of what im fighting
  10. I dont remember the specifics bro all i remember is the level differences because of how busted they are. One i do remember is fight blaine with my charizard, and having his arcanine consistenly one shot me with wild charge when it took 2 earthquakes. His arcanine was like level 43 i think and my charizard was level 48, with its nature being hardy and all ivs being 15 because starter, and attack ev is 92, defense ev is 82. I only beat him because i trained my charizard to level 50 and spent 30k on earthquake with mostly speed evs so i outsped all of his pokemon, with my level 50 absol being a punching bag to heal charizard.
  11. Its not about the ivs and the natures, its about the fact that i can be 11 levels higher than a pokemon, use a super effective move and do barely a quarter of their health, but get one shot by a super effective move from a pokemon 14 levels below mine. Or how any enemy almost never misses any moves or has their paralysis activate. I appreciate a difficulty increase because its more engaging than normal pokemon games but at this point its just annoying
  12. This might have been suggested already but i want to suggesting lowering the difficulty from bullshit to difficult. I feel as though this game could go a long way if it was difficult instead of bullshit, and wasnt rigged against the player
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