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  1. definitely yes! It's too boring to wait 1h watching pokemon increase its atk, it can be the same when you kill the whole horde, Krookodile defeated 5 pokemons at the same time "" "" moxie "" "" final buff animation 1 sec
  2. I haven't redid my gyms yet, but I believe the normal was an average of 8.5k, with the amulet it's 13k
  3. Why don't they ever release johto? should we continue with the tags johtomorrow and Johto amanha meio dia? They could explain the reason for it not being released, I know it would be a mega update and sometimes they wouldn't have a budget or even people for it, but where's the explanation... If you have the topic and I didn't see it, sorry...
  4. I would love to be able to use the computer for all characters, and share the same bag, but if you think about it, maybe it would be kind of stolen
  5. Just by mail my indian friend, put your character's name and add what you want to send, this is the only way, besides passing it on to your little friend and he will return it to you on the other account
  6. it would be nice to have something with some weather theme The cloud would drop raindrops and the sun would keep giving off sunbeams, or just a flying cloud and a bright sun. I'm not very good with edits but I thought about these ideas and they would be nice, even if someone who can make edits does the sprits I would be very grateful.
  7. It would be really nice to have swords so we could carry it on the back or side of the body, I believe it would reach a large audience, because who wouldn't want to look like the wonderful ZORO or even like my friend Kirito.
  8. yes man, I also think that, it was very disappointing the Christmas cosmetics, every year, I don't know what to expect, just farm money for the account and not for cosmetics, as you said. Players want something surprising, as it's something unique, that requires farm time to get or invest real money in the game, it's something that disappoints.
  9. Good morning, I come through this one, ask for a more elaborate Christmas cosmetic, many wait to buy the cosmetic at the event because it is a unique item and many like me were disappointed with the halloween one, the wolf mask is even interesting, but compared with the black mask of the plague and the wolf is way behind, it's boring to farm 4m to buy 1500 points for something that is not something that surprises you and makes you want the fastest farm to buy the second form of the item, we have cosmetics which were amazing to me, the black plague mask, the golden dragon mask, the flaming skulls... Just a vent, I know some may say they liked it and the items are good, I didn't say they're not good I I just gave my opinion.
  10. will we receive particles only in hard mode?
  11. just suffer, spend money with max revive and max potion, so that at the end of a lot of suffering, you get a hat, and if you've already faced her and conquered her suffering, he'll only reward you with 5 packets of candy, which comes as expected, Black sludge or better yet 2 tm light screen.
  12. sometimes I was passing on the routes and ended up being interrupted by some NPC that I dodged during my journey, this is a bit annoying, so I came up with a suggestion, create a button or option in the game that rejects battles with NPC's for a post- game.
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