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  1. What time does the event start in the UK? People on chat said it already happened, but I thought it doesn't start until 9pm my time?
  2. Haha no worries, sorry if I sounded rude :) x
  3. This is the thread I saw yeah. I've also seen other ones where people were complaining about "unfairness" lol The Like react is a heart
  4. We already have a heart react. But we have nothing for the annoying stuff like 'someone else got this vanity in 5 goes, took me 100. Game is broken'
  5. Give us an eye roll or something for all the whiny discussion topics lol
  6. Thank you. Guessing today's update is also bug fixes? :)
  7. What's the new update? It's not the Halloween one, I already had that downloaded
  8. While I wait for it to update the client/game, is there a level restriction? Like, is the Pumpking level 100 or something? Or could a level 30-40 team have a chance of winning?
  9. The app doesn't even come up on my fire Literally nothing appears when I go into the apps and game store and search pokemmo
  10. I have a Kindle but there's no option for me to download pokemmo on it
  11. Pretty sure the halloween event is about to be implemented - we just got the earthquake of doom :D
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