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  1. Awsome MOD! Just a silly question, after the latest update we can use x4 render scale battle sprites, does this mean we have native support for even higher sprites resolutions? Does this mean for MODs too? (sorry for my bad english).
  2. I don't know If It helps, but after i beat the Magma Líder inside the Volcano (forgot the right name of the place) It stops all the music and sound effects too.
  3. Thanks for the support, but infortunately i have no ideia how to see/find the sound id, the strange thing is, it doens't show any message of error. I usualy have to close the Pokemmo app and then relaunch, this seems to resolve, but if i fight any Aqua/magma, after the victory no sound. Sorry for my bad english (Playing on Android).
  4. Nice Sound Mod! I want to report a bug, when you are fighthing against Team Magma/Aqua and won the battle it loses all music and sound effects.
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