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  1. Unfortunately, since 2013 when i start, a lot of players use this fail of the half relatory, without properly explanations about the infraction, to make a report against others. Using the example of jesus, everyone can make a fake account to send a great amount of gold in the game for mail to report other by RMT, and this will make used like prove. This type of judgment with incomplete relatory open a great door to make fake reports.
  2. So, are you saying that because it is an unofficial game, players not have right of full defense, or to know exactly why they are being indicted, beyond the generic accusation of the ban? Interesting. Thanks again for your talks, this discussion is important to the community.
  3. This is why i think important the need of transparency, we can appeal propertly. Thanks Jesus!
  4. Malorne, Is you who are saying this. The discussion is to the whole community, lets wait to see the others opinions, just is it.
  5. I think you wouldn't talk to staff like that for certain reasons. So i don't think it's right to talk to anyone like that. Let's make a respectable discussion here, please.
  6. Well, if that's how they treat a ex-staff who contributed with the community, this is worrying. Unfortunately. Let's try to get back to the focus of discussion, which is knowing people's opinions, and not force any opinion, like someone sayed.
  7. Well, i dont need be banned for this to talk about transparency, is just a right of everybody. I agree with you about the amount of evidences, and the work of staff, and how this things are bad to the game, but the transparency is a right. Is need know why you are being punished and what they have to punishe you, to be able appeal propertly or accept the guilt proved. Nobody here are talking about no punishe, just about transparency. Thanks for your talk.
  8. No, i didnt RMT, i dont have any talk about RMT in the forum before this thread, and my history is clear of RMT, and i dont dictade anything, i just trying show an ideia with this community showing arguments. But thanks for join the discussion. You can see this in all my talks.
  9. I want show this article who talk about court rules to games online: https://luizranselmo.jusbrasil.com.br/artigos/365181808/jogos-online-e-os-banimentos-impostos-pelas-empresas-aos-jogadores They say here something like this: "It should be noted that because it is a consumer relationship, the consumer has by his side the "inversion of the burden of proof", which means that if the person is a customer (player) of the company (game), and had its account banned, FIT THE COMPANY to prove that the ban is legitimate, and that it was a REASONABLE measure to be applied, and it was not excessive and did not cause great harm to the consumer. When the legitimacy of the ban and its real necessity are not proven, the Player is entitled to have his account released immediately, and also an indemnity for moral damages due to poor rendering of services." So, is a court rule of consumer relantionship and it need be answered, is better to decrease the cases of appeals yet, good for the staff. Think about it.
  10. I dont see that example before, so sorry for repeat it here. But is to ilustrate what i tryed say.
  11. Good to read this, but i think important show something in other cases too. The staff may clear doubts about the ban if they give some explanation with evidence in other cases too, to the player can refute or not. Like you talk about RMT, i have a example of these, who may be cleared with the system of transparency: "I feel this, 9members of my team included me got banned for helping each other and the reason is RMT even we dont involve real money trading we just helping each other and now our team is disbanded because of this accused . so sad but need to accept" If they really trade money the evidence is irrefutable. So, showing evidences in the ban, with date and resume of how this happen exactly can be a best way to separate real appeals of players who just want justify errors. And in the case of botting, how sayed up for someone, the recaptcha is perfect. Is just a ideia. And thanks agains for leave this discussion open, this is important to the community.
  12. Well, i just think about the need of show evidences in the ban, or make more clear about notices to other things in game. Even a real judgment give a chance of the accused try refute the evidences. But is just what i think and i thank for this discution with all.
  13. Sorry and thanks, i'm not native too, but i'm trying make my best to learn.
  14. yes, i agree, and i have print of all my chats, and i never talk about RMT in this forum or in game, or anywhere. But lets back to the discution with community, and thank for join the discution.
  15. thanks for join in discution, but i just talk about more transparency in the relatories, to can be appeal properly. :)
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