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  1. ooh that make sense, but for the meantime, i feel that now all we have to do as a comunity is try to give to them some ideas, that way they feel that we are attached to the game same way than 2015 and by the other way, they can listen to the community, by takin his ideas or creating content bassed on the ideas from the comunity to put it in to the game, that way we are helping them to create new content by given to them feedback :3
  2. You are right, that's why I thought that giving some ideas that I think would not take a long time to program could help the developers in something, because since I joined the game in 2012 the team section remains the same, and I feel it is somewhat outdated and should be changed I apologize if in the post I say something angry or if I said something that It could have caused misunderstandings, I still do not speak English well u-u
  3. I know that in the case of the EN server in pokemmo they are kept in the game by the teams, but I come from the ES server and I wrote this post thinking about the huge number of people (especially new players) who cannot maintain their team active or they do not have the monetary budget to award prizes, not everyone in that chat knows English and they do not always know what to do when a game Moderator is holding a global event due to the language barrier, in addition to those reasons , not all the players of Pokemmo like to actively play PvP, but if they like to contribute in some teams, that
  4. how do i ask a staff member to move the thread? im new on this forum xd
  5. This idea was originally written in Spanish, but I want it to be shared with the Pokemmo community in English to reach more people and hopefully, the game developers will give me their opinion. Este mismo articulo estara en español mas abajo. The motivation that led me to write this forum is the lack of attention that the programmers of this game have shown towards their players, the lack of content that haunts players who have already finished everything causes them to stop playing for long periods of play , limiting myself to connecting to the game only when events su
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