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  1. Weird, on my first 20 hours of game I got a Shiny Geodude xD It's the common rate. I also got a Shiny Torkoal on my 40 hours of game. On the other hand, on my other character I have got 0 shinies with 3252u8523089hj hours of game.
  2. Nice guide and this posts on this kind of threads warms my heart and reminds me that the community is still worth it ♥
  3. I was waiting for this results to be posted! I died of happiness in this gray and lonely day xD thanks! And congratulations @Renola! I really hoped you could win this, i appreciated your story a lot and as I told you on private message, I wosh I can read some more of what you have to offer! ^^ Edit. Jez, now that I re-read my whole story I found out thatvit was pretty bad, I'm sorry judges xDD
  4. I'm a spanish speaker and yet, I posted on English, if you need help you can ask me, there's no need to be.. yes
  5. Hey! Welcome to the forums! I'd love to see your art, hope I see something soon :D
  6. Rhyse

    One Week!

    Probably a cheese sandwich. Wait.. what are we talking about
  7. ... too many good stories amma lose this halp
  8. Just a note, I have been enjoying every single hecking battle with the Spooky scary skeleton remix you gave me strength to keep playing for another whole year
  9. Rhyse


    Welcome! Enjoy the community :D
  10. Your new avatar is ADORABLE 

    1. Teddi


      Hi! Thank you! :3

  11. All of the previous, or if you like comp, you could join a team and participate in stuff. I like grinding money but I'm not into comp for example
  12. Rhyse


    Welcome, my dude! Hope you have a good time here
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