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  1. Hey! Welcome to the forums! I'd love to see your art, hope I see something soon :D
  2. Rhyse

    One Week!

    Probably a cheese sandwich. Wait.. what are we talking about
  3. Just a note, I have been enjoying every single hecking battle with the Spooky scary skeleton remix you gave me strength to keep playing for another whole year
  4. Rhyse


    Welcome! Enjoy the community :D
  5. Your new avatar is ADORABLE 

    1. SneakyTeddi


      Hi! Thank you! :3

  6. All of the previous, or if you like comp, you could join a team and participate in stuff. I like grinding money but I'm not into comp for example
  7. Rhyse


    Welcome, my dude! Hope you have a good time here
  8. Holy, this is awesome! Thanks :D EDIT: Sad sad sad, I can't download it D:
  9. Nice! I was about to start investigating about this. ^^ Thank you
  10. Rhyse

    The Food Thread

    Is that curry? looks nice :B
  11. We need the pillar men theme WE NEED IT FOR IT TO BE PERFECT
  12. It would be interesting, but wouldn't it be consider like, abusing the system somehow? Maybe some staff could clear my doubts o: Although, it is interesting.
  13. Jez, how did I not know about this mod? xD The music is fantastic now. I played the whole time with the music set with.. no volume at all. Thanks!
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