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  1. Hopefully players can get hidden pokemon.
  2. 同一个邮箱大小随便转,申诉可以找回。不同邮箱,你怎么证明那是你小号???官方可以认为是私下金钱交易。
  3. 如果出地图也是2年以后,等着吧
  4. Thank you for your reply. I hope that day will come soon.
  5. Yeah, it's the ability to hide.At present, only npc's pokemon has the ability to hide, and I hope to implement it as soon as possible.
  6. I hope the authorities can open up the third ability of some pokemon so that pvp can have more choices. Hidden ability acquisition method: 1.Wild capture pokemon have a small probability of hiding. 2.If the mother is hidden, then hatching eggs must be inherited from offspring. 3.The hidden ability of pokemon can not be obtained by characteristic pills. Finally, thank you to the official workers. I like pokemmo very much.
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