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  1. As a man who enjoys the finner things in life, thumbs up! The only question I ask is why we need a shiny particle if we can already filter out the shiny option.
  2. No, I don't want jumbo sized pokemon blocking my sprite. Thank you pokemmo developers for shrinking them!
  3. Hello fellow players! I just got done binge watching Dr.Lava talk about the missing TM in Unova. We have several dog pokemon here, so let's implement Snarl and complete the TM inventory! Manectric, arcanine, Mightyena, etc are counting on us! Proof:
  4. Please implement this! I play Pokemmo on the phone, so it is hard to go back and forth.
  5. Thank you for the feedback sir. Don't listen to the trolls on here, this is your game. Besides who needs Johto anyways, we can catch the starters at the Hoenn Safari.
  6. First I see a Mayor and now I see the Business Admin. This businessman deserves a follow, thank you for this game!

  7. And this guy has a YouTube channel too. Is it just me or this Bestfriends person loves this game a lot. Again, glad I followed the man!
  8. I just saw this now. Etermal Mayor of Pokemmo! Glad I followed you then!

    1. Lin



    2. Bestfriends


      Thanks man, looking forward to helping people new and old.

  9. Who painted that beautiful Steelix profile picture?

  10. Cool guides man!

  11. Woah, nice artwork on your forums picture!

    1. BobTheBuilder


      You deserve a follow for that!

    2. Teddi


      Hello, thank you! xD It's not mine though

    3. BobTheBuilder


      You have great taste. Keep it up!

  12. Thank you for putting out a guide about this guy. Watch out Morimoto, I am coming for you!
  13. Why do we need Johto? The starters can be caught at the Hoenn safari.
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