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  1. mentalsoft VS Senjutsuka in 15min
  2. OU:Taystee vs mentalsoft Tuesday 10 am EDT
  3. IGN:mentalsoft Country:China Tiers:OU
  4. 游戏ID:mentalsoft 精灵性格:爽朗 携带道具:讲究围巾 努力分配:252速度 252攻击 6特防 技能配置:尖石攻击 咬碎 追打 蛮力 冰冻拳(可选) 配置说明:围巾班吉拉也是比较常见的一种班吉拉配置,极速围巾的班吉拉速度为186,可以超过115极速的速度线。常用于针对海星耿鬼之类。在这里要提一下固执围巾班吉拉的速度为169,只能超过100极速的速度线,所以围巾班吉拉更推荐使用爽朗性格来捕杀海星耿鬼。冰冻拳可以选择携带阴出场率较高的地龙之类。 精灵性格:勇敢 携带道具:吃剩的东西 努力分配:228hp 204攻击 76特攻 技能配置:替身 冰冻光束 喷射火焰 尖石攻击 配置说明:替身双刀配置的班吉拉,替身减少先读压力,防异常状态技能,冰冻光束确1无耐暴飞龙天蝎王,踩钉快龙,打残烈咬陆鲨,喷射火焰打螳螂钢盾之类,本息大威力尖石标配。
  5. 游戏ID mentalsoft 精灵性格:胆小 技能:诡计 替身/羽栖 空气斩 波导弹 努力值:252特攻252速度4生命 携带道具:吃剩的东西 配置分析:常规替身速攻飞机,诡计是飞机的常见强化手段,替身可以挡异常状态,如剧毒,寄生种子等。替身也可以换成羽栖来续航,这样就防不了状态技能了,这个自己取舍吧。
  6. Ign: mentalsoft My story in the Pokemon world "Mudkip, I have never thought of meeting you in such a scene for ten years. But since it was a bit ridiculous, I still feel that this is a destiny arrangement-even if I have nothing at all I do n’t want to see the fate, but now I have made you the first being I want to cherish in this life. Then, I am glad to be your partner, I am mentalsoft! " This is the first time I have my own Pokémon. At this moment, I look forward to a full ten years. The initial Pokémon, the dream of the trainer, all supported me to leave the village, this desert. Now everything is ready. After a final night of rest in the village, I formally embarked on a journey the next morning, intending to cross the desert to the outside world, and then collect badges to challenge the Pokemon Alliance. The journey through the desert was long and arduous, and from time to time I encountered a disgusting Trapinch, but the Mudkip protected me before the danger was lifted. One of the most thrilling moments, the Mudkip and I carefully crossed the territory of a Flygon. My vision, which was almost dehydrated, began to blur once. At this time, a towering object appeared at the junction of distant heaven and earth. Mirage? I felt relaxed for a while, and being able to see the mirage indicated that I was about to get out of the desert and finally left this ghost place. Although it's true that this thing inspires me, but I still walk slowly and steadily as before, I have to say that I have the thought in my heart that I want to walk more powerfully. I walked to the front and found out that it was not a mirage at all, but a real building. A turquoise, run-down tower that looks very old. s this the legendary Phantom Tower? I hesitated to go in and see. Just at the moment of hesitation, a huge black shadow shrouded my head. It turned out to be a Flygon. I did not hesitate to escape, but the other person was a Flygon. Follower, I must not be able to beat it in speed. When I was about to be hit by a dragon claw, I threw an elf ball directly into the Flygon. At this distance, the Flygon caught in the ball and caught it, but I did n’t think that the most ordinary elf ball could catch To the Flygon, I continued to escape without hesitation. And not far before, sure enough, a shattering sound sounded and the Flygon came out! Apparently the Flygon was irritated, and the air flow from the flapping wings rushed towards my back. Looking at the Thirty Steps away from the Phantom Tower, I can immediately get rid of the danger. The elven balls were thrown back one by one by one by one. The elven balls were easily flashed by the Flygon that had eaten once, until all my elves. The balls are all consumed. No, there is one, the one where my Mudkip live. And remembering its small body resolutely guarding me behind the a group of Trapinch , I vowed not to let it be in danger for the second time. I will protect it even if I die! Definitely protect it! Maybe the moment of disappointment is only because I can feel that the Flygon is not approaching much when I react. Turning around and greeting me was a recovered elven ball, catching it subconsciously, my eyes stared at the Mudkip protecting me behind me. I found that I didn't have the courage to take it back, but immediately turned around and fled quickly. Oath, what a luxury I can't afford! The chaos behind me told me that there must be a fight, but at this time I just wanted to hurry into the tower. finally reached. The portal of the Phantom Tower is not enough to let the huge body of the Desert Dragonfly pass, so I am basically safe. The most important thing is to quickly take back my Mudkip and treat him. Facing the crisis brought by the Flygon this time, Mudkip is also very eager to help the owner. For it, a Flygon is far from scaring him. It wasn't until many years later, after experiencing countless battles, that I realized how ridiculous my inner struggle was at this time. This is a different world. The support, trust and help between people and elves are the most important for trainers.
  7. 木鱼刷塔无解啊,支持一波顺便抄配置带走
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