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  1. But there is something odd in the pokedex. Rotom-w is shown to be over used in its pokedex info chart. But when I use tiers button, it's available both in ou and uu. So how can we trust that info, unless you have caught every Pokemon and added data to pokedex.
  2. I am really really sorry. It was my mistake. I was playing both lv 50 and open level. And I think this is the issue for open level as some of my Pokemon are around lv 60. I forgot their level because I bought them from people. I thought I was using lv 100 Pokemon and I am really ashamed of this matter here. Sorry again
  3. I came back to Pokemmo after 5-6 month. Back than I was battling at battle frontier very often. But now I found something weird here. I mean stats of system Pokemon are something odd. 1st tier Pokemon are moving faster than fully evolved speed Pokemon and killing them effortlessly with general moves not to mention effective moves(without choise items). They are killing bulky Pokemon with one move And their defences are also outstanding as they are taking less damage form super effective moves with choise items. For example a golden outspeeded my timid rotom-w and salamence and inflicted almost 60% damage to them with horn attack. A poliwhirl inflicted almost same damage to rotom-w with water pulse. A treecko moved faster than timid rotom-w and salamence without choise scarf and Ohko them with just one effective move each. There are many examples like these. But it's inconsistent. I mean sometimes they outspeed faster Pokemon, but sometimes the moved slower than other relatively slower Pokemon (ofc without stat change). It's not happening with every Pokemon. Only some Pokemon are behaving that way. I don't know their build. But they are showing amazing def, atk and speed at the same time. Do other find this same issue?
  4. I am having too much lag in mobile Pokemmo app. Pc app is running fine. Am I the only one having lag issue ? If no, is there any solution to it?
  5. Is there any way to recover a character which I have deleted almost 6 months ago? Of course I have recently opened a new character of same name in the same account.
  6. Sorry. I got it. This may be due to lower generation. Can you please delete this post?
  7. Why is the base attack stat of dugtrio is 80? I have seen in Pokemondb that it's attack stat is 100. But why Pokemmo pokedex is showing 80?
  8. Does burn allow snorlax to do double damage for facade or just same base power 70 ??
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